Lego Facts

Lego Facts
Lego is the brand of a line of plastic bricks and other construction objects, as well as characters, manufactured by The Lego Group. The first Legos emerged in 1949 and by July of 2015 there had been more than 600 billion Lego parts manufactured. The word 'Lego' is derived from the Danish words 'Leg godt' which translates to 'play well' in English. The word 'Lego' is the first two letters of each word in 'Leg godt'. This name was chosen by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark who in 1932 started to create wooden toys. He went on to create 'automatic binding blocks' out of plastic in 1949.
Interesting Lego Facts:
Lego's motto is 'only the best is the best' or 'det bedste er ikke for godt' in Danish.
The original Lego blocks were partially based on the Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks from the United Kingdom which were released in 1947.
Legos are one of the most popular toys of all time, and are also considered one of the best-selling. Legos are known around the world.
Despite most people referring to multiple Lego blocks as Legos, there is no s on the plural form of Lego.
The Lego block with the tubes inside was patented in 1958. The 2x4 Lego bricks are all made to the exact same measurements included in the January 28, 1958 patent.
A Lego brick manufactured in 1958 would still connect properly to a Lego brick made today.
Mini figurines in Lego sets are known as 'figs' or 'minifigs'. These Lego minifigures were first produced in 1978. Prior to these the mini figurines had no faces arms, or gender.
More than 4 billion minifigures have been manufactured since 1978. This is more than any one population group on earth.
Lego is considered one of the largest rubber wheel manufacturers in the world. They make more rubber wheels than Goodyear and Bridgestone.
A 5 million Lego brick model was created in NY in 2013. It was a scale model of an X-wing fighter.
James May, a British TV host built a 3.3 million brick Lego house in 2009. It even featured a functioning toilet.
Only 18 out of every one million Lego bricks are deemed below standard and discarded. Lego has such a perfect process that there is very little waste in this department.
There have been enough Lego bricks manufactured to stack them ten times from the earth to the moon.
If someone took only six of the eight-studded Lego bricks they would be capable of connecting them in more than 915 million ways.
The Taj Mahal Lego set has 5,922 Lego pieces and is the largest set sold commercially.
The British Association of Toy Retailers named Lego the 'Toy of the Century' in 2000.
Lego has been the largest toy company in the world since 2014 when it surpassed Mattel.
Every second of the day there are seven Lego sets sold around the world.
There are 5.2 million Lego bricks manufactured every hour.
Even the Lego Duplo bricks can be connected to the original Lego bricks.

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