Pokémon Go Facts

Pokémon Go Facts
Pokémon Go is a reality game developed as a location-based app that allows players to use their mobile device's GPS to locate Pokémon characters as they appear on their screen. The game, developed by Niantic In collaboration with Nintendo, was released on July 6, 2016 and climbed to the number one spot on the download chart within five hours. The app was so popular that Nintendo, a company that owns only 32% of the Pokémon franchise, enjoyed a 10% increase in share price on July 7, 2016. By July 14 Nintendo shares had risen by as much as 50%. Pokémon Go encourages players to get outdoors in search of Pokémon characters, which they are able to catch, and train, but it resulted in some people not paying attention to their surroundings and getting hurt because they were focused on the screen.
Interesting Pokémon Go Facts:
5% of Android users in the United States downloaded the Pokémon Go app within two days of it being released.
By July 20, 2017 the number of Pokémon Go users in the United States had reached 30 million.
When Pokémon Go was released Nintendo was experiencing losses for the very first time since the company began. Pokémon Go increased Nintendo's stock by increasing its market value by $7.5 billion.
Pokémon Go has been so successful that even old Pokémon games were brought back to life in the marketplace. Sales increased by 200%.
Pokémon Go has been seen by some as a positive app that gets people out and moving around - increasing exercise in an increasingly inactive population.
Pokémon Go works by producing Pokémon characters on the screen of the player's mobile device as they wander around. The player is then able to throw virtual balls at the Pokémon which capture them.
Pokémon Go players in the United States have actually been getting an education about the metric system because they have to convert miles to kilometers in order to play a main feature of the game called eggs.
Pokémon Go can be played on both Android and iOS.
One Pokémon Go player found a Pokémon character on his wife's hospital bed while she was in labor.
Pokémon Go has actually resulted in strangers becoming friends over the game.
Some people have stated that they feel they have experienced improvements in their mental health since beginning to play Pokémon Go, which could be due to the increase in exercise and need to go outside and be in more social places in order to play.
One person sold their Pokémon Go account on eBay for over 7,000 pounds.
There is a bus in New York that will charge players to take them to Pokestops, gyms, and egg-hatching.
Two men who were believed to have been drinking alcohol fell off a cliff in San Diego while playing Pokémon Go. One was found 50 feet down and the other was 90 feet down. Both were taken to hospital.
One teenager was hit by a car while crossing the road playing Pokémon Go, as she was not watching the road.

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