Princess Peach Facts

Princess Peach Facts
Princess Peach is a character in the Mario franchise owned by Nintendo. She is a character created by Shigeru Miyamoto, often the damsel in distress in the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach is Mario's love interest and in many games he must rescue her from the villain Bowser. As her character advanced throughout the Mario franchise she became a playable character in some games and was the main playable character in her own game called Super Princess Peach. She first appeared in the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. She has been referred to as Toadstool in some western versions of Mario games as well.
Interesting Princess Peach Facts:
Princess Peach has blonde hair and a pink dress, with eyes that were designed to be somewhat catlike.
Princess Peach is the most well-known female character in the Mario franchise.
Before Princess Peach was introduced to the Mario franchise, Mario's love interest was Pauline.
Some people believed that Pauline was simply an early version of Princess Peach but this is not the case.
In an alternative world within the 1986 anime Princess Peach had a love interest other than Mario - his name was Prince Haru. The anime was called Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen.
In the United States, princess Peach was known as Princess Toadstool when her character was first introduced.
When Princess Peach was first introduced she had a white dress, reddish-brown hair, and in a guide released in Japan she didn't even have hair - she has a mushroom cap.
When the original Princess Peach was being redesigned the goal was to make her look stubborn, yet still cute. The designer was directed to create catlike eyes.
Princess Peach's outfit includes a pink dress, white gloves, and a tiara.
Some people speculate that Princess Peach and Daisy - the ruler of Sarasaland - may actually be cousins and not just good friends.
Princess Peach's parents and grandparents have not been determined, as her grandparents may have been toads, or her grandmother may have been a chambermaid. Many assume that her grandfather is Toadsworth but he has only been named as her steward.
In the German Club Nintendo magazine Princess Peach appeared in a story titled Super Mario and the Night of Horror. She is possessed by a demon in the story and Mario must save her.
Princess Peach has her own weapons including the Peach Bomber and the Psych Bomb, as well as her parasol, frying pan, and a folded fan. She also has the ability to use Group Hug and Therapy to heal.
Princess Peach is believed to have powers that would allow her to defeat Bowser, which is why he wants to lock her up.
Princess Peach got her own game in 2005 called Super Princess Peach. In it she is the main playable character and she has the opportunity to save Mario instead of him saving her.
Princess Peach has made cameo appearances in other games including The Legend of Zelda, Wario Land: Shake It, and Animal Crossing: City Folk, along with many titles in the Mario franchise.

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