Slowbro Facts

Slowbro Facts
Slowbro is a character in the Pokémon franchise that evolves from Slowpoke at level 37. Slowbro is a pink-colored Pokémon and isn't considered to be very intelligent. Slowbro was designed with the same vacant stare that Psyduck and Jynx have. His mouth is always hanging open giving him the appearance of being dumbstruck and comical. Slowbro is classified in the Pokémon franchise as a Hermit Crab and he ranks #80 on the National Pokédex. A Slowbro weighs 173.1 lbs. and can run as fast as 43 miles per hour. When a Slowbro loses his tail it grows back quickly.
Interesting Slowbro Facts:
A Slowbro is a pink Pokémon with a tan-colored striped belly and muzzle.
A Slowbro has a vacant stare and large eyes, with curled ears and two teeth in its upper jaw.
A Slowbro has two clawed toes on each foot and three clawed fingers.
A Slowbro is five feet and three inches tall.
A Slowbro has weaknesses that include grass, bug, electric, dark, and ghost Pokémon.
A Slowbro is able to resist water, psychic, fire, ice, steel, and fighting attacks.
The first appearance of a Slowbro anime was in The Evolution Solution episode when Professor Westwood's Slowpoke changed into a Slowbro.
In the episode A Crowning Achievement there were several Slowpokes that were forced to evolve into Slowbros against their will.
In the town Kalos in the Pokémon world it is OK to eat a Slowbro tail.
When a Slowbro is bitten by a Shellder it becomes a Slowking, which are a much more intelligent version of a Slowbro.
Once a Slowbro becomes a Slowking and the Shellder that bit its tail is removed the Slowbro can de-evolve into a Slowbro again.
When a Slowbro is bitten by a Shellder the poison stops the Slowbro from feeling the pain it would normally experience by being bitten.
Once Shellder bites a Slowbro it leaves only the Slowbro's head, tail and arms exposed, providing a type of armor shield.
A Slowbro's natural abilities include Oblivious - which keeps it from becoming infatuated, calm mind, slack off, grass knot, flamethrower, psychic, and ice beam.
A Slowbro is capable of psychic attacks but is happier being peaceful. When provoked a Slowbro may attack with Confusion or Yawns.
Slowpoke is the un-evolved version of Slowbro - a pink hippo type creature. Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro, who evolves into Slowking.
A Slowbro is considered to be high sustain, bulky, and takes tank attacks well.
A Slowking is also high sustain, bulky and takes tank attacks well.
Mega Slowbro is able to stand on his hind legs and perform the Mega Punch. In order to become a Mega Slowbro a Slowbro must evolve during battle while holding a mega stone called a Slowbronite.
Slowbro are fish eaters, but they also enjoy eating Pokémon eggs. The fish that Slowbro eat are called Magikarp.
Slowbro can be found living in the Pokémon world most often on islands but they can also sometimes be found in caverns.
Slowbro are one of the few Pokémon characters that are capable of de-evolving to their previous form.

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