Bigfoot Facts

Bigfoot Facts
Bigfoot is an ape-human type creature that many believe lives mostly in forests in the Pacific Northwest region of the North American continent. He is also often referred to as Sasquatch. He is often described as a large and hairy, resembling a half-man, half-ape creature in folklore and myths. Many of those who have reported seeing Bigfoot describe him with large eyes, a low-set forehead, large brow-ridge, and having enormous footprints. He is believed to be upwards of 500 pounds and anywhere from two to three meters tall. He is also reported to be rather smelly, and he is mainly nocturnal.
Interesting Bigfoot Facts:
The Bigfoot mystery has existed for hundreds of years in different countries around the world.
Bigfoot is the most famous cryptid (unidentified creature that's existence has not been proven).
Russia, France and Germany have all placed Bigfoot on the endangered species list.
Some believe that David Thompson was the first to discover Bigfoot in 1811 when he found a set of his footprints.
Many believe that Bigfoot is vegetarian while others believe that he is a meat and plant eater.
Early Native Americans believed that Bigfoot was a spiritual creature.
Reports suggest that Bigfoot is brown, although many have also reported black, gray, white and greenish-blue Bigfoots.
There have been too many eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot sightings for researchers to dismiss the idea of the possibility of Bigfoot's existence.
Many of the eyewitnesses who have reported to have seen Bigfoot are credible people, not those looking to gain fame or fortune or attention.
There is DNA evidence to date to prove that Bigfoot exists.
Bigfoot has many nicknames including Jacko, Jingera, Monkey Man, Old Skunky Bill, Rugaru, Tree Men, Windego, Wigidokowok, and Yeti (its Himilayan cousin), among many others.
The first person to capture footage of Bigfoot was Roger Patterson.
Some believe that Bigfoot makes howling sounds, and that he lives in swampy forests and near mountains.
There is an Algonquin legend that a female Bigfoot named Yeahoh that fell in love with a lost hunter. It ended badly when he wanted to return home.
It has been reported that Bigfoot is not bothered by pepper spray. It has also been reported that Bigfoots are not capable of sneezing.
Some believe that Bigfoots are not ape-human creatures at all. They believe that they are extra-terrestrials. Nobody has been able to prove either theory because of the lack of DNA evidence.
A Brazilian legend says that Bigfoot was captured in Brazil in 1867. It was fed berries, nuts, and bananas but didn't like the bananas. It escaped soon after.
Native Americans believed in Bigfoot long before the Europeans came to north America.
Some believe that no remains of a Bigfoot have ever been found because Bigfoots bury their dead the same as humans do.
Bigfoot hair samples have not been able to provide conclusive evidence because they do not match any other hair samples on record.
Many Bigfoot tracks have been found in the Bluff Creek area. This is the same area where Roger Patterson would shoot his famous Bigfoot film footage.

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