Angel Falls Facts

Angel Falls Facts
Angel Falls are located in Venezuela and are famous for being one of the four most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and as the highest uninterrupted waterfalls in the world. The falls got their name Angel Falls after a US aviator became the first person to fly over the falls in the mid-20th century. The aviator's name was Jimmie Angel. His plane crashed at the top of the waterfalls and it took him and his wife 12 days to walk out of the jungle. Locals also refer to the waterfalls as Salto Angel, Tulume Bena and Kerepakupai. Angel Falls is 3212 feet in height and the waterfall drop is 2648 feet. Angel Falls is located in Venezuela's national park called Canaima National Park, which is the third largest national park in the world.
Interesting Angel Falls Facts:
When the weather is very warm and dry, the waterfall sometimes evaporates into a mist before it reaches the bottom.
During the rainy and wet seasons the waterfall sometimes splits into two waterfalls.
At the base of Angel Falls the waterfall is approximately 150 meters wide.
Some people believe that the first European to see Angel Falls was a Spanish explorer named Fernando de Berrio. He may have viewed the falls in the 1500s or 1600s, but there is no real proof.
The first European to reach the base of Angel Falls was Aleksandrs Laime, a Latvian explorer who arrived at the base in 1946. He was the first to clear a path from Churun River to the base of Angel Falls.
At certain times when the water flowing over the falls in plentiful, it is possible to feel small water drops in the air as far as one kilometer away.
Jimmy Angel's plane was eventually recovered from the crash site and it can now be seen at Maracay's Aviation Museum.
Visiting Angel Falls is not easy. To get there a tourist must take a plane to Puerto Ordaz or Cuidad Bolivar and then get to the Canaima Camp where they can take a jungle river tour with an indigenous host. This tour will take you to the Angel Falls foothills. It is also possible to take a helicopter tour.
Angel Falls are approximately 15 times taller than Niagara Falls.
The four most beautiful waterfalls in the world are Angel Falls (South America), Niagara Falls (North America), Victoria Falls (Africa), and Iguazu Falls (South America).
When Hugo Chavez was the leader of Venezuela he tried to have the name changed to Kerepakupai Vena but his efforts were not successful and the name is still Angel Falls.
Some people choose to skydive off Angel Falls. Other adventure seekers hike up the mountain, sleep in hammocks, or stand at the bottom under the falls.
Angel Falls is one the major tourist attractions in Venezuela, despite its location and difficulty to reach.
Disney made a movie in 2009 called UP. It was an animated movie that called the falls Paradise Falls instead of Angel Falls. The falls have also been featured in the 2015 movie Point Break and 1990s film Arachnophobia.

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