Key West Facts

Key West Facts
Key West is an island located at the most southern tip of the Florida Keys. Key West encompasses an area of 5.27 square miles, 4.2 of which are land, and it is considered to be part of the city of Key West in Monroe County, Florida. Key West was originally inhabited by Calusa Native Americans but following the arrival of Spanish explorers it became a fishing village and home to a garrison. Britain took over in 1763, but 20 years later it was returned to the Spanish. It was claimed in 1822 as property of the United States.
Interesting Key West Facts:
The first European to visit Key West was Ponce de Leon in 1521. He had been searching for the mythical 'fountain of youth'.
Key West was originally called 'Cayo Hueso' which translates to mean 'Island of Bones'.
In 1763 when the British took over Key West the Native Americans and Spanish on Key West were sent to Havana, Cuba.
The Spanish regained control of Key West, and it was sold to a U.S. businessman John Simonton for only $2000 in 1821.
In 1822 Key West was claimed for the United States. In the 1830s Key West became a wealthy city because of treasure from shipwrecks in the area.
Key West is roughly one mile wide and four miles long, and has a famous main street called Duval Street that runs 1.1 miles long.
Originally Kew West was about half of its current size but salt pons on the island's eastern side were filled in in the 1950s, expanding the size of the island greatly.
Key West is the most southern city in the United States. The island Key West is a part of the city in terms of government.
At one time Key West was the busiest of all the cities in Florida because of its location for trade.
Key West has a tropical climate.
Key West is only about 90 miles from Cuba. Following Cuba's revolution many Cubans settled in Key West.
Key West has 42 bridges connecting it to the mainland.
Just off the coast of Key West is the 3rd largest coral reef in the world.
The sand on Key West's beaches was shipped from the Caribbean.
A person born in Key West is referred to as a 'conch'.
Key West is the only place in the United States that does not get frost.
Key West was hit by a hurricane in 1935 that killed more than 500 people in Key West and the Florida Keys.
The highest temperature recorded in Key West was 97 degrees Fahrenheit on 1880 and 1956.
Part of Key West is built on landfill.
Key West has been home to many famous residents including Jimmy Buffet (musician), Tennessee Williams (author), Ernest Hemingway (author), Harry S. Truman (United States President), Calvin Klein (fashion designer), and many others.
A 64 year old woman named Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Key West and became the first person to complete the journey without the use of a shark cage.

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