Vladimir Putin Facts

Vladimir Putin Facts
Vladimir Putin is a former intelligence officer and Russian politician who has essentially been the ruler in one form or another since 1999. Putin first served as acting prime minister in 1999 and then became acting president when the president at the time, Boris Yeltsin, resigned on December 31, 1999. Putin then won the presidential election in March 2000 and served as Russia's president for two terms, but was barred by the Russian Constitution from winning a third consecutive term. He then served as the prime minister until 2012, before easily winning the presidency again. Since the Russian Constitution was changed on December 31, 2008, Putin came up for reelection in 2018 and easily won once more. Putin was born Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on October 7, 1952 to Vladimir and Marina Putin in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), United Soviet Socialist Republics. Putin studied law and joined the KGB before marrying Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 1983 and having two daughters with her. The couple has since divorced. Putin is known to be a controversial yet popular figure. He has been accused of voter fraud and has been criticized for his treatment of gays, different non-Russian ethnic groups, and his use of force in Crimea, but he is still able to draw large crowds of followers.
Interesting Vladimir Putin Facts:
Perhaps influenced by his Soviet background, Putin has portrayed himself as a fit, virile man over the years, releasing video of him riding horses and working out. With that said, he is a black belt in judo and has trained in sambo.
Putin was once popular in the West with liberal politicians, but he has lately been a bit of a boogey man, accused of influencing elections and behind pretty much anything negative in many countries.
Putin helped land the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
As Putin has been accused by many Americans in the mainstream media, some of the intelligence agencies, and members of both the Democratic and Republican parties of attempting, or trying to influence American elections, he has shot back that Hillary Clinton and many of those same institutions have tried influencing Russian elections.
Putin is the head of the All-Russia People's Front, which isn't so much a political party as it is a coalition of parties and individuals who share similar, nationalist ideas.
Since the KGB was an intelligence organization, the extent and details of what Putin did with that group is unknown. What is known, though, is that he served in East Germany during the Cold War.
After the collapse of the communist system, Putin used his influence and connections to quickly move up in the new Russian government. He befriended President Boris Yeltsin, which proved to be the biggest boon for his career.
Putin has been given credit for stabilizing Russia's declining birthrate and helping stabilize the country's economy. One of the ways he did that was by forming new economic partnerships with large, yet developing nations. The BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - is an economic partnership and summit that he has supported since 2009.

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