Liger Facts

Liger Facts
Liger is one of the most popular hybrid animals, created by cross-breeding of tiger and lion. This large cat can be seen only in the captivity. Ligers do not exist in the wild because tigers and lions inhabit different geographic areas and they practically don't have a chance to meet each other in the wild (even in the case of close encounter, they would probably fight with one another). First liger was born in 1799. Unlike most other hybrid animals, majority of ligers born since that time were created by accident (without human interference). Current population of ligers consists of 200 animals that can be found in the zoos and various animals parks around the world.
Interesting Liger Facts:
Liger can reach 10 to 12 feet in length and 900 to 1.600 pounds of weight.
Liger is the biggest cat in the world (nearly twice the size of lion and tiger). It grows much faster than its parents due to lack of inhibitors of the growth hormones. Due to ability to increase its weight for 1 pound per day, one-year-old liger usually weighs 363 pounds, while most ligers reach the weight of 700 pounds by the age of 3 years. Luckily, their growth ceases at the age of 6 years.
Liger named Hercules is the biggest cat in the world today. It lives in Miami and weighs 922 pounds.
Liger is covered with sandy, dark yellow fur with faint stripes and rosettes. Back side of the ears is covered with dark spots, while bottom part of the body is white colored.
Liger has broad head with huge mouth, size of a human shoulder. Its body is lion-like, while tail is like that of a tiger. Most male ligers have manes which are slightly smaller compared with the manes of lions.
Liger is created by cross-breeding of female tiger and male lion. Most ligers are created by accident (when tigers and lions are kept in the same enclosure).
Liger is more lion-like in terms of behavior and morphology.
Liger is social animal that it is relatively docile with its handlers.
Liger likes to spend time in the water and it is very good swimmer (this trait is inherited from a tiger).
Despite massive body, liger is extremely fast animal that can reach the speed of 50 miles per hour.
Liger is a carnivore with huge appetite. It can consume 100 pounds of meat per meal.
Liger is loud animal whose roar is more similar to a roar of lion than to a roar of tiger.
Most ligers are born via C-section due to large size of a cub.
Female ligers are usually fertile, while males are sterile.
Liger has shorter lifespan compared with its parents. It is prone to various diseases, including cancer. The longest ever recorded lifespan of a liger was 24 years.

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