Mexican Flag Facts

Mexican Flag Facts
The Mexican flag has a background of three vertical sections; green on the left, white in the middle, and red on the right side. In the center of the flag, in the white section, the Mexican coat of arms is displayed. The three colors of the vertical stripes were chosen following the War of Independence when Mexico gained its independence from Spain. Although today's flag was adopted in 1968, its design has been used since 1821. The Mexican coat of arms basic design has changed several times, but has always featured the eagle, perched on a cactus, positioned on a rock above a lake. This design was inspired by an Aztec legend.
Interesting Mexican Flag Facts:
There are two interpretations for the color choice of green, white and red. One suggests that green stands for hope and victory; white for purity of ideals; red for blood shed by national heroes. The other suggests that green stands for independence; white stands for Roman Catholicism; red stands for union.
In Spanish the flag of Mexico is Bandera de Mexico.
The first Mexican flag was decreed by Agustin de Iturbide in 1821. It was first used in 1822.
The size ratio width: length of the Mexican flag is 4:7.
Without the Mexican coat of arms the Mexican flag looks similar to the Italian flag, although the shades of colors are darker. The proportions of the two flags are also different, with the Mexican flag being longer.
When Mexico participates in the Olympics, the president hands the flag to one of the competitors to carry to the host country.
When the national anthem is played on T.V. the flag is to be displayed.
The flag is to be flown at half-mast when it is used to honor an important citizen listed in the Law of National Flag.
When carried in a parade the Mexican flag the military must salute the civilians and the civilians must give the civic salute.
The Mexican coat of arms is symbolic of an Aztec legend that the gods told the Aztecs that they should make their home where an eagle was perched on a cactus eating a serpent.
The first military official to swear allegiance to Mexico's national flag was Vicente Guerrero.
In Mexico, Flag Day is celebrated each February 24th.
The Mexican flag image is protected under law and in order to broadcast its image a special permit is required.
Paulina Rubio was fined in 2008 for posing for a Spanish magazine wrapped in the Mexican flag.
An episode of the T.V. show South Park was canceled by MTV Mexico because the flag was shown in the cartoon and the special permit to do so had not been obtained.
The largest Mexican flag in the world is located in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. It is 60 meters by 34 meters. The flag pole for the flag is 120 meters tall and weighs 160 tons.
The flag songs in Mexico are 'Juramento a la Bandera' and 'Toque de Bandera'.
The Mexican flag is often referred to as the Bandera Nacional by those in Mexico.

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