Nuevo Leon Facts

Nuevo Leon Facts
Nuevo Leon is a fairly large state located in the northeastern part of the country. The state is known for its mountain peaks from the Sierra Madre Oriental range and its generally hot, dry desert climate. Although Nuevo Leon has a relatively high standard of living and it is a well-developed state compared to the rest of Mexico, crime has been a problem in recent decades, especially due to the ongoing cartel wars. Nuevo Leon is close to but not quite borders with the U.S. - a sliver of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas divides Nuevo Leon from the American state of Texas.
Interesting Nuevo Leon Facts:
Monterrey is the capital and largest city in Neuvo Leon. It has more than four and a half million people in its metro area, making it the third largest metropolitan area in Mexico.
Northeastern Nuevo Leon is topographically the southern end of the Great Plains, which go north through the United States into the southern portions of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Nuevo Leon has a land area of 24,771 square miles, making it thirteenth among the United Mexican States in terms of land mass.
The name "Nuevo Leon" was taken from the Kingdom of Leon in Spain. The state of Nuevo Leon was originally an administrative district in the Spanish colony of New Spain.
Nuevo Leon has the highest GDP of any Mexican state, but most of the state's money and development is in the Monterrey metro area. Large parts of the remainder of the state, especially in the south, are relatively poor and somewhat undeveloped.
Although Nuevo Leon's climate is generally dry, irrigation projects have helped make farming quite profitable. Oranges and cotton are two of the most profitable crops grown in Nuevo Leon, which is known for long growing seasons.
Mexican Federal Highway 85 runs through the state of Nuevo Leon in a north-south direction. The northern terminus is the U.S.-Mexican border at Laredo, Texas, while in the south it ends in Mexico City. All of the highway is at least four lanes and most of it is a freeway, making it a continuation of the American highway Interstate 35.
Nuevo Leon was the fifteenth state to join the United Mexican States on May 7, 1824.
There are more than five million people living in Nuevo Leon, making it eighth most populous Mexican state. Because the majority of those people live in the Monterrey metro area, the is fourteenth in density.
Most of Nuevo Leon's other major cities, such as Guadalupe, Santa Catarina, and San Pedro Garza Garcia, are also part of the Monterrey metro area. Outside of the Monterrey metro area there are few cities of significant size.
The Monterrey International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Mexico. It has flights to most major Mexican cities and international flights to Panama City, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Miami.
Monterrey became a city in 1596 as the capital of the administrative center of the Kingdom of Nuevo Leon, which was itself founded in 1582.

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