Guitar Facts

Guitar Facts
The guitar is a musical instrument in the string family. The earliest form of the guitar is believed to have emerged in the 1100s, but stringed instruments have existed for at least to Babylonian times. There are many types of guitars today belonging to both the acoustic and electric guitar families. Most guitars are made with a wood body and they can have as few as 4 or as many as 18 strings. The word 'guitar' is derived from the Spanish word 'guitarra', which was adapted to 'gitarre' in German, and 'guitare' in French. Electric guitars were not created and made popular until the 1930s. A guitarist is one who plays the guitar and Luthiers are the ones who repair and build guitars.
Interesting Guitar Facts:
Acoustic guitars have a variety of parts including the body, the waist, sound hole, bridge, frets, strings, neck, fretboard, tuning pegs, and the saddle.
The electric guitar has many of the same parts as the acoustic guitar and a few more including the headstock, machine heads, nuts, neck, frets, fretboard, pickups, control dials, pick up switch, body, and the bridge.
Guitar strings are made of either steel or nylon.
Antonio de Torres Jurado is considered to be the father of the modern guitar known today as the classical acoustic.
In the early 1900s the guitar became the world's most popular instrument.
Classical guitars are commonly the main instrument in several genres of music including country, blues, soul, folk, jazz, mariachi, and flamenco.
The electric guitar was invented in the 1930s once it was discovered that the amplifier could change guitar tones.
Electric guitars can have either a solid, semi-solid, or hollow body as they do not require a chamber to produce sound and tones.
BB King is considered a pioneer of the electric guitar in rock music.
Classical guitars tend to have nylon strings; acoustic and folk guitars tend to have steel strings; electric guitars have steel strings.
The guitar is the second most commonly played instrument. The piano is the most popular.
Guitar types include acoustic, renaissance, baroque, classical, flat top, resonator, Dobro, twelve string, acoustic bass, electric (hollow body, semi-hollow, solid body), seven string and eight string electric, and electric bass.
Capos, which clip to the fretboard, are used to change the pitch.
The guitar pic (or plectrum) is commonly used when playing the electric guitar or acoustic guitars fitted with steel strings. Many classical guitar players only use their fingers. Pics are often made of plastic but some are also made of wood, bone, or even steel.
Most guitar players use a strap to help support the instrument while playing.
There are different guitar designs including the V-shaped guitar and the double neck guitar.
The bass guitar is used to produce much lower tones than the regular electric is capable of creating.
Famous guitar companies include Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Gretsch, Ibanez, and Martin.
Famous guitar players include BB King, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Ed Sheeran, and Robert Johnson.

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