Hemp agrimony Facts

Hemp agrimony Facts
Hemp agrimony is herbaceous plant that belongs to the sunflower family. It originates from Europe, Asia and North Africa. Hemp agrimony has been introduced to North America, where it grows in abundance today. It can be found in the moist habitats, such as areas near the ponds and rivers, grasslands, swamps and moist forests. Hemp agrimony thrives the best on the well-drained, moist, alkaline soil, exposed to direct sunlight or in the partial shade. People cultivate hemp agrimony mostly in ornamental purposes.
Interesting Hemp agrimony Facts:
Hemp agrimony is bushy plant that can reach 5 feet in height and 4 feet in width.
Hemp agrimony has palmately divided leaves, made of 3 to 5 lance- or egg-shaped lobes with toothed edges. Leaves on the upper part of the stem are undivided. All leaves are hairy and green colored.
Hemp agrimony produces pinkish-red flowers arranged in flat flower heads on top of the purple flowering stem. Some flower heads are made of pink and white flowers, which is why hemp agrimony is also known as "raspberry and cream" in some areas. Flowers contain both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).
Hemp agrimony blooms from July to September. Fragrant flowers attract butterflies and moths, main pollinators of this plant.
Fruit of hemp agrimony is brown cypsela (type of dry fruit) equipped with pappus, hairy structure which facilitates dispersal by wind.
Hemp agrimony propagates via seed, cuttings and division of the rootstock.
Hemp agrimony is not closely related to hemp. These two plants belong to different families, but have similar morphology of leaves, hence the name.
Scientific name of hemp agrimony is "Eupatorium". Name refers to the Mithradates Eupator, king of Pontus, who used this plant in treatment of poisoning.
Leaves of hemp agrimony are rich source of vitamin C. Tea made of leaves can be used to prevent scurvy (disorder induced by deficiency of vitamin C).
Dry leaves of hemp agrimony are often used in medical purposes. Harvest of leaves usually takes place before plant starts to bloom.
Hemp agrimony was used in the past in treatment of cancer, jaundice, liver disorders, cough and to stimulate urine flow, eliminate worms and relieve itch. Flowers of hemp agrimony are used as herbal remedy today, mostly to improve function of immune system, prevent flu and common cold and in treatment of liver disorders. Root is used as laxative and in treatment of sores, ulcers and bacterial infections.
Wrap made of leaves of hemp agrimony was used to prevent development of mould on bread in the countryside in the past.
Smell of burned hemp agrimony repels flies and wasps.
Juice of hemp agrimony protects pets and domestic animals from mosquitoes and other insects (it can be safely apply on the skin and fur).
Hemp agrimony is perennial plant (life span: more than 2 years).

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