Global Warming Facts

Global Warming Facts
A rise in the nature temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans is known as global warming. It a phenomenon that has been around since the late 19th century is expected to continue. This rise in temperature is caused by the greenhouse effect. During the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere where they trap heat just like a greenhouse. The more greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere, the hotter the atmosphere becomes.
Interesting Global Warming Facts:
Around 1.4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere worldwide every day.
Because of melting ice caps due to global warming, ships have recently been able to travel parts of the Artic that were never travelable before.
Scientists suggest that by the year 2040 the Artic will have no ice during its summer season.
There are five main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ozone, and nitrous oxide.
The increased usage of fossil fuels is one reason why the greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere.
An increase in global warming has a direct effect on climate. This includes having much warmer summers and rainier winters.
The meat industry contributes to the increase in global warming more than any other industry.
The warmest years to date have occurred within the last 12 years.
Greenhouse gases are essential because without them, our planet would not be able to hold enough heat to sustain life.
Deforestation is also a big contributor of global warming.
Changes in climate due to global warming can also cause problems with crop growing, animal habitats, and increased severe weather.
Because of the increase in temperature, ice caps have begun melting causing the sea level to rise.
An increase in temperature and sea level causes algae to be stressed due to the decrease in sunlight.
Global warming has caused an increase in health risk and 30 new infectious diseases have been introduced in the last 20 years.
Many animals are unique to living in the tundra biome and if global warming continues to be a problem, these animals might become endangered or extinct.

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