Arafura Sea Facts

Arafura Sea Facts
The Arafura Sea is located between Indonesia New Guinea and Australia, west of the Pacific Ocean. Basin countries of the Arafura Sea include Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Australia. The Arafura Sea stretches 800 miles long and 350 miles wide. Its depth is 165 to 265 feet. The Arafura Sea is considered to be waters of the East Indian Archipelago by the International Hydrographic Organization.
Interesting Arafura Sea Facts:
Islands that can be found in the Arafura Sea include the Aru Islands, Croker Island, Howard Island, and Goulburn Island.
It was once believed that the Arafura name is derived from Portuguese word Alfours, meaning 'free men'.
Research has suggested that the Arafura Sea name originates from Molucca in Indonesia, meaning 'the people of the mountains'.
The Arafura Sea is rich in sea life. Fishing for shrimp and demersal is common. Other species important to the economy of people living in the regions of the Arafura Sea include Nemipteridae fish, Penaeid shrimp, grouper, and Barramundi.
Although fish stocks in many other parts of the world are quickly vanishing due to overfishing and pollution, the fish stock in the Arafura Sea remains as one of the richest fisheries in the world.
The Arafura and Timor Seas Expert Forum, which was established in 2002, works to promote the sustainable management of the Arafura Sea.
There is growing concern about illegal fishing activities in the Arafura Sea, which has been increasing in recent years.
The Arafura Sea is located over the Arafura Shelf. It is also partially over the Sahul Shelf.

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