Banda Sea Facts

Banda Sea Facts
The Banda Sea is connected to the Pacific Ocean, being located in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. It stretches 600 miles from its east to its west, and approximately 300 miles from its north to its south. The Banda Sea is considered to be one of the East Indian Archipelago's waters by the International Hydrographic Organization.
Interesting Banda Sea Facts:
The primary outflows of the Banda Sea include the Ceram Sea, Molucca Sea, the Timor Sea, and the Pacific Ocean.
There are several islands bordering the Banda Sea including Buru Island, Ambon Island, Seram Island, the Aru Islands, the Barat Daya Islands, the Tanimbar Islands, Timor, the Kai Islands, and Sulawesi.
There are many small rocky islands in the Banda Sea which make it difficult for navigation, but the center is relatively open and much safer.
The Banda Islands are a group of islands located in the Banda Sea.
There are many active volcanic islands in the Banda Sea, including Banda Island's Manuk and Gunung Api.
There are frequent earthquakes in the Banda Sea due to its location. Three tectonic plates converge there - the Indo-Australian, Pacific, and Eurasian plates. Significant earthquakes include the 1938 and 2006 Banda Sea earthquakes.
Some of the Banda Sea Islands contain intact rain forests, with endemic plants and animals.
There have been blue pigmy whales and Omura's whales found in the waters of the Banda Sea.
The Banda Islands, Kai Islands, and the Tanimbar islands in the Banda Sea are considered to be moist deciduous forest eco regions.

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