Buzzards Bay Facts

Buzzards Bay Facts
Buzzards Bay is located in the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to Massachusetts, in the United States. Buzzards Bay is roughly 8 miles wide by 28 miles long and is a popular fishing, boating, and tourist destination. In 1914 the Cape Cod Canal was finished and finally connected Buzzards Bay to Cape Cod Bay. The Clean Water Act, the State of Massachusetts, and the Environmental Protection Agency designated Buzzards Bay in 1988 as 'an estuary of national significance' and as such is part of the National Estuary Program. This designation signifies that it is an area protected by overuse, land development, or pollution.
Interesting Buzzards Bay Facts:
Buzzards Bay is bordered by Cape Cod to its east, Elizabeth Islands to its south, Plymouth and Bristol's southern coasts to its northwest, and connected to Rhode Island South to its southwest.
In the mid-19th century, Buzzards Bay's port of New Bedford, Massachusetts was the most successful whaling port in the world.
Property ownership in Massachusetts provides to the low tide mark, so those wishing to swim must use the 13.4 miles of public beaches or 31.9 miles of semi-public beaches.
Buzzards Bay hosts the three-day Buzzards Bay Regatta each year, attracting over 400 boats in 15 different classes. It is considered to be the largest multi-class regatta in North America.
Buzzards Bay is known to be very challenging to boaters and some of the most challenging along the eastern coast. This is due to intense currents and sudden storms. As a result there are many wrecks in Buzzards Bay.
Buzzards Bay's coastline stretches more than 350 miles, including 13 miles of public beaches.
During peak season in the summer more than 12,000 boats can be found in Buzzards Bay or moored along its shores.
Buzzards Bay is included as part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway System. More than 20,000 boats pass through Cape Cod Canal each year. Cape Cod Canal connects Buzzards Bay to Cape Cod Bay. It is 480 feet wide and has a depth of 32 feet.
As many as 2 billion gallons of petroleum products are shipped through Cape Cod Canal every year.
New Bedford Harbor, located in Buzzards Bay, is home to one of the East Coast's largest fishing fleets - estimated at 270 fishing vessels.
There are 11 coastal communities along Buzzards Bay, and the Buzzards Bay watershed encompasses 434 square miles.
It is believed that Buzzards Bay was created roughly 15,000 years ago during the last ice age.
The temperature in Buzzards Bay ranges from 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to 28 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.
In 2003 the Buzzards Bay disaster occurred, in which an oil spill destroyed the shellfish business. A barge leaked 98,000 gallons of oil. Many birds were also killed as a result of the oil leakage.
There have been three documented fatal shark attacks in Massachusetts. One occurred in Buzzards Bay in 1936.
In 1991 many of the towns located on Buzzards Bay's shores were devastated by Hurricane Bob's storm surges.
In 2018 part of Buzzards Bay froze over due to the cold temperatures.

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