Celebes Sea Facts

Celebes Sea Facts
The Celebes Sea is located in the western Pacific Ocean and bordered by the Sulu Sea, the Sulu Archipelago, the Sangihe Islands, Kalimantan, the Minahassa Peninsula, and Mindanao Island. This sea covers an area of approximately 110,000 square miles and has a maximum depth of 20,300 feet. Celebes Sea is considered to be one of the East Indian Archipelago's waters.
Interesting Celebes Sea Facts:
The Celebes Sea opens into the Java Sea via the Makassar Strait in its southwest region.
It is believed that the Celebes Sea is part of a 42 million year old ocean basin.
There are complex oceanographic features in the Celebes Sea due to active volcanic islands, deep sea trenches, and strong ocean currents in the region.
The Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea share a border at the Sibutu-Basilan Ridge.
Countries that make up the basin of the Celebes Sea include Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. The basin is the region of land which drains into the sea.
There is a wide variety of marine life in the Celebes Sea including approximately 580 reef-building coral species, whales, dolphins, manta rays, barracuda, marlin, sea turtles, tuna, and yellow fin tuna.
Scuba diving and luxury cruises are popular activities in the Celebes Sea.
The Celebes Sea provides an important trade route for the region.
Islands found in the Celebes Sea include Borneo, Sulawesi, Mindanao, the Sulu Archipelago, and Sangihe Islands.
Fishing is a common commercial activity in the Celebes Sea.
Sea tang is a common aquatic product harvested from the Celebes Sea.

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