Gulf of Aden Facts

Gulf of Aden Facts
The Gulf of Aden is located in the Arabian Sea, between Yemen and Somalia. It connects to the Red Sea via the Bab-el-Mandeb strait. The Gulf of Aden is named after Aden, a port city in Yemen. The city of Aden is thought to be as old as human history and the possible burial grounds of Cain and Abel. The Gulf of Aden has an average depth of 1,600 feet and a maximum depth of 8,900 feet.
Interesting Gulf of Aden Facts:
The Gulf of Aden is also referred to as the Gulf of Berbera, which originates from the name of the city Berbera, a port city on the southern side of the gulf in Somali.
Approximately 21,000 ships cross the Gulf of Aden each year. It is considered to be part of the Suez Canal's shipping route in the Indian Ocean between the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Persian Gulf oil is commonly shipped through the Gulf of Aden.
Main ports of the Gulf of Aden include Bosaso, Zeila, Berbera, Yemen, and Djibouti City.
The Gulf of Aden became a hotspot for pirates in the late 2000s. By 2013 pirate attacks had declined due to security measures and international navy patrols.
Countries that border on the Gulf of Aden include Yemen, Djibouti, Somaliland, and Somalia.
Cities in Yemen that border on the Gulf of Aden's coast include Aden, Balhaf, Bir Ali, Mukalia, and Shokra. In Djibouti the only city bordering in the gulf is Djibouti City. In Somalia and Somaliland, cities bordering on the gulf include Berbera, Bosaso, Las Khorey, Maydh, and Zeila.

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