King Haakon VII Sea Facts

King Haakon VII Sea Facts
King Haakon VII Sea is located in the Southern Ocean on East Antarctica's coast. It is a proposed name for this area of the sea and has not yet been recognized by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), which is the worldwide authority for recognizing the names of water bodies.
Interesting King Haakon VII Sea Facts:
King Haakon VII Sea is named after Haakon VII, who was Norway's first king after the country went through its dissolution from Sweden. Prior to being the first king of Norway he was Prince Carl of Denmark. He reigned as the king until his death in 1957.
It is believed that Fabian Gottlieb Bellingshausen was the first to see Antarctica in 1820 while cruising the region proposed to be named King Haakon VII Sea.
If approved, the King Haakon VII Sea would be located between the proposed Lazarev Sea and the Weddell Sea. It would stretch from Cape Norvegia's Princess Marine Coast to the Fimbul Ice Shelf.
Norway does not recognize Lazarev Sea, and believes King Haakon VII Sea lies along Queen Maud Land's entire coast.
The Ross seal requires the King Haakon VII Sea region as it serves as an important habitat for this species, which lives on pack ice.
Most of the year King Haakon VII Sea is covered in ice. The pack ice that forms in the autumn remains until spring when it begins to breakup.
Most world atlases do not recognize the name of King Haakon VII Sea, including the World Atlas by the National Geographic Society.

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