Misogyny Facts

Misogyny Facts
Misogyny is the dislike, contempt, or hatred of girls or women, expressed through discrimination, exclusion, hostility, belittling, violence, or objectification. It can be found in philosophy, sacred or religious texts, mythology, and other forms of expression as well. Misogynists tend to dislike or hate women because they feel they are evil, stupid, or dirty. Misogyny is different than sexism because a sexist do not respect women but it is not based on hate. Although most misogynists are men there are also female misogynists as well. Any people who are misogynists do not realize they exhibit this behaviour.
Interesting Misogyny Facts:
The opposite of misogyny, which is a love or fondness of women, is called philogyny.
Some misogynists can appear to be pro-women when in fact they are the exact opposite.
Misogyny can develop early in a child's life for a variety of reasons. It can stem from trauma from a female figure such as a sister or mother or teacher or even a girlfriend if they are abusive. It can also be ingrained in a child by an older person that has influence in their life.
When misogyny first begins to take root in a person it may not even be noticeable. If subjected to further abuse it can become deeper rooted.
A misogynist can often have a Jekyll and Hyde personality, being fun and friendly with a female and then becoming rude and disrespectful.
A misogynist will often appear self-centered, controlling, and grandiose in their relationship with women.
Misogynists often treat women differently than men in social or work situations, often without realizing it.
Misogyny exists in a variety of religions and belief systems including Ancient Greek Mythology, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and in Scientology.
Misogyny exists in western philosophy in the works of Aristotle, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles Darwin, Arthur Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Hegel, John Locke, David Hume, Sigmund Freud, Otto Weininger, John Lucas, and Oswald Weininger.
Misogyny on the internet is fairly common, especially in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
A study in 2016 found that women are responsible for approximately 50% of misogynistic tweets on Twitter.
Women who are considered to be misogynists often internalize misogyny and express it by mistrusting other women, having a gender bias for men, minimizing women's value, and by demeaning women's skills.
Some believe that misogyny stems from not being able to see women as anything but mothers or sexual beings (referred to as the Madonna-whore complex).
Misogynists often direct their hate toward women who challenge their power or dominance. These misogynists often see such women as greedy, cold, selfish, and domineering.
Misogyny can often occur when a women breaks rank, and the social cost to such women can be terrible labels meant to punish non-compliant women.
Misogynists believe that men are superior to women in business, sports, intellectual contexts, and politics while also believing that women are more suited to roles in domestic work, emotional labor and more feminine activities.
Some people believe that misogynists do not hate women but actually fear them instead.

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