Black Hole Facts

Black Hole Facts
Black holes are objects in space that suck up extra debris in outer space. The debris is attracted to the black hole because of gravity. Black holes begin as stars that no longer burn. They become weighed down by the large amount of hydrogen causing it to compress. This compression is what causes the gravity to increase in a black hole.
Interesting Black Hole Facts:
Black holes have three main parts: the Outer Event Horizon, the Inner Event Horizon, and the Singularity.
Objects could potentially escape the Outer Event Horizon portion of a black hole.
The Singularity is the center of the black hole and has the strongest gravitational pull.
Black holes are so powerful that they even suck up light.
Black holes are not empty and are actually full of debris that it has collected from space.
Black holes are the end result of a supernova.
Many scientists believe that there are black holes in the center of all galaxies including the Milky Way.
Black holes are about the size of large stars.
Although we believe there are black holes, no one has actually seen one.
Although black holes are much smaller than the stars they are made from, they contain the same amount of mass as the original star.
The black holes that are said to be located in the center of galaxies are typically a billion times heavier than the Sun.
The gravity in black holes is so strong that objects sucked in them are literally torn apart.
According to the famous astronomer Stephen Hawking, black holes eventually evaporate due to their shrinkage which is caused by increasing temperatures.
Some astronomers believe that objects that are sucked into black holes can eventually end up in another galaxy.
The concept of time does not exist in a black hole.

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