International Space Station Facts

International Space Station Facts
The International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite that has been continually inhabited since its first residents arrived in November 2000. It is expected to be operational until 2030. It is located in low Earth orbit and is the largest manmade body in this region of orbit. It is often possible to see it with the naked eye. The International Space Station includes habitation modules, docking ports, experiment bays, robotic arms, and structural trusses. Its components have been launched by American Space Shuttles and Russian rockets. Crew members aboard the Space Station conduct biology, physics, astronomy, and meteorology experiments.
Interesting International Space Station Facts:
The International Space Station travels as such high speeds that it could go to the moon and back in a single day. The ISS travels at speeds of 7.71km a second.
In order to build the ISS it took seven types of launch vehicles and 136 space flights.
The ISS weighs approximately 1 million pounds.
There are 8 miles of electrical wire in the ISS only for connecting its electrical system.
The surface area of the ISS is about the size of a US football field.
There is more livable space aboard the ISS than would exist in a 6 bedroom home.
The ISS has two bathrooms
The ISS has a gym with a bay window.
Experiment and spacecraft systems are contained within an area about the size of 100 telephone booths.
Ships that have used ISS as a spaceport include four European ATV cargo spacecraft, four Japanese HTV cargo spacecraft, three SpaceX Dragons, 37 Space Shuttle missions, and 89 Russian spacecraft.
There are 52 computers that control ISS.
Since 2000, crews aboard ISS have consumed more than 25,000 meals. This is equal to 7 tons of food for six months for only 3 astronauts.
There have been more than 230 people from 18 countries to visit ISS already.
Once ISS reaches its end of use, many modules will be used for other purposes and space stations.
ISS supports more than 100k people working in 16 countries and 37 US states.
Six people live aboard ISS and work while it orbits the earth every 90 minutes.
The longest time spent aboard ISS by someone was 665 days. Peggy Whitson set this record on Sept. 2, 2017.
There have been more than 205 spacewalks by cosmonauts and astronauts aboard the ISS since 1998. Spacewalks are conducted for maintenance and repair as well as space station construction.
It is possible to connect 6 spaceships to the ISS at one time.
There have been more than 2,400 research investigations performed aboard the ISS microgravity laboratory.
There is a water recovery system aboard the ISS that reduces dependence on water delivery by 65%.
Software aboard the ISS designed to ensure crew and station health and safety monitors approximately 350,000 sensors.
At one time it was possible for travellers to pay for their passage into space but was halted in 2011 when station crew was reduced to 6.

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