Space Shuttle Facts

Space Shuttle Facts
For many years people wondered what was beyond Earth. There was no way for anyone to explore the boundaries outside of our atmosphere. The space shuttle allowed these explorations to take place. The space shuttle is a spacecraft that is similar to a rocket and an airplane. It is used by the space program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to launch space probes and satellites, conduct space experiments, and build space stations.
Interesting Space Shuttle Facts:
The length of the space shuttle is 184 feet and it weighs 4.5 million pounds.
The space shuttle was the first piece of space exploration technology that was reusable.
Although over 600 astronauts have flown to outer space on the space shuttle, only about seven can fly out at one time.
The longest orbit of the space shuttle lasted 17 ½ days.
The space shuttle takes off like a rocket yet lands like a plane.
The fuel for the space shuttle is mostly made of oxygen and hydrogen.
Most space shuttle launches occurred during the day time.
The first space shuttle test flight took place in 1981.
The space shuttle completed 135 missions.
The space shuttle retired in 2011 so that NASA could concentrate on cheaper methods for space exploration that includes exploring outside of our solar system.
There have been five space shuttles which were named Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis.
All space shuttles launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
The Challenger and Columbia were both destroyed in accidents where a total of 14 astronauts lost their lives.
Before a space shuttle could launch weather conditions such as precipitation, lightning, wind, and humidity were strongly considered.
Space shuttles were not equipped with software that could handle a year change while in orbit so missions never took place between December and January.

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