Spiral Galaxy Facts

Spiral Galaxy Facts
Spiral galaxies get their name by the fact that they have a spiral or whirl shape. The "arms" of the spiral are the areas where stars are formed. These arms appear as waves. The galaxy we live in, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy. Our planet and Sun lie in the arms of the Milky Way.
Interesting Spiral Galaxy Facts:
The really bright spots that can be seen in spiral galaxies are newly formed, large stars.
The large stars of a spiral galaxy do not last very long because they are constantly burning large amounts of fuel.
The most common type of galaxy is the spiral galaxy.
About 77% of the galaxies that have been observed by man are spiral galaxies.
Spiral galaxies are separated into smaller groups based on how tightly wound the arms are.
Type A galaxies have tightly wound arms, type b have looser arms, and type c have extremely loose arms.
Spiral galaxies are also known as disk galaxies.
Spiral galaxies have a bulging center which is called the bulge.
The bulge of a spiral galaxy contains old stars and a black hole.
Sometimes galaxies merge with each which causes them to grow bigger or they are destroyed all together.
A barred spiral galaxy is one that has a core that is shaped like a bar.
As of 2005, the Milky Way galaxy has been classified as a Barred Spiral Galaxy.
The matter that holds the stars and dust together in a spiral galaxy is called Dark Matter.
About two thirds of all spiral galaxies are considered Barred Spiral Galaxies.
The majority of the mass of a spiral galaxy is made up of Dark Matter.

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