Hockey Facts

Hockey Facts
It's known that hockey has been around since at least 1363, when Edward III of England banned the sport in a royal proclamation. However the histories of many cultures include playing games with curved sticks, dating as far back as 4,000 years ago to ancient Egyptian times. It is believed that the word hockey originates from the Middle French word ‘hoquet', which means shepherd's stave. Today there are many types of hockey, including ice hockey, field hockey, roller hockey, sledge hockey, and a favorite among kids—street hockey.
Interesting Hockey Facts:
Despite all the variations of when hockey was first played, the first organized hockey game played indoors occurred in 1875, in Montreal, Canada.
The NHL (National Hockey League) was established in 1917.
Prior to the 1960s, hockey sticks were straight. Stan Mikita, a Chicago Blackhawks Hall of Famer is credited with introducing the curve to the stick in the 60s.
Hockey pucks have three-inch diameters. They are frozen before each game so that they don't bounce during the game.
The first puck used during outdoor hockey in the 1800s was made of frozen cow dung.
Bobby Hull shot the fastest puck in recorded history, at 118 miles per hour.
The Stanley Cup was created in 1893. It was named for Lord Stanley of Preston, a Canadian Governor General.
Originally, the Stanley Cup was only seven inches tall. Today it is more than 35 inches tall.
The Stanley Cup has been awarded each year since 1914. The only exceptions were in 1919 during the Spanish flu epidemic, and in 2005 because of a strike.
The Stanley Cup was once used as a cereal bowl. It was once left on the side of the road by mistake, and was even once lost on a flight.
Rinks in North America measure 85 feet wide by 200 feet long.
The team to win the most Stanley Cups in the league's history is the Montreal Canadiens.
The greatest player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, has 61 NHL records. Nobody else comes close to this many records.
The record for most points in a single game is held by Darryl Sittler. He had 10 points in a game in 1976 between his team, the Leafs, and the Bruins. The Leafs won. Maurice ‘Rocket' Richard previously set the record with eight points.
Joe Malone scored seven goals in a game in 1920. He still holds the record for most scored goals in a game.
The goaltender Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens created the modern goalie mask in 1959.
Manon Rheaume was the first woman to play in the NHL. She was the goalie for Tampa Bay Lightning.
The first NHL million dollar contract went to Bobby Orr in 1971. It was a $200,000, five year term contract.
The first goalie to score a goal in the other team's net was goalie Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers.
The Zamboni, the machine used on the ice to keep it properly maintained, was named after Frank Zamboni. He invented the machine in 1949.
The names of twelve women appear on the Stanley Cup. They were either team executives or owners.

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