Hunting Facts

Hunting Facts
Hunting was one of the main methods used to obtain food for thousands of years prior to the creation of agriculture. Hunters and gatherers roamed the earth for many centuries before people began to settle down in one place and grow their own food. Hunting is still a common method to obtain food in many parts of the world, and in other parts it is a sport. Hunting is used in some areas to control wildlife populations, but it has also led to the endangerment and extinction of species. Many groups protest hunting because of strong belief in animal advocacy, while others protest hunting because of religious beliefs.
Interesting Hunting Facts:
Animals that are hunted in the wild today tend to be better sources of meat because they are able to eat a natural diet and roam free as they were intended to do.
In some cases where hunting is closely regulated, hunting actually helps animal populations to thrive and grow.
People that kill animals unlawfully are called poachers. In most cases in order to hunt a person requires a license and a tag to kill an animal. Poachers can serve jail time and pay expensive fines when caught.
Different types of hunting are popular in different parts of the world.
In North America, people hunt, with the intention to eat, birds and waterfowl, turkeys, deer, moose, bear, elk, caribou, bison, bighorn sheep, rabbit, squirrel, beaver, and other animals.
In North America hunters sometimes have to kill animals because they are threatening humans or livestock. Some of these animals that are hunted include coyote, wolves, cougars, mountain lions, and bear.
In the United States hunting is usually done with a gun, bow and arrow, or traps.
In the United Kingdom fox hunting has been a long standing tradition. It has been considered a sport of the upper class for centuries.
Safaris are another popular form of hunting, in which a hunter goes on a journey that lasts several days to weeks, pursuing a big game specimen.
Many hunters save the heads and/or other parts of the animal to have preserved so that they can mount it on the wall like a trophy.
Different methods of hunting exist around the world. They can include shooting, bows and arrows, traps, using other animals to chase and catch prey, spears, and today some hunters use the internet to hunt remotely.
Some areas are banning the use of lead bullets because they have the potential to cause pollution when they miss their target and land on the ground.
Some animals throughout history have been hunted for only a small portion of their body, resulting in devastating losses to populations. Some of these animals have included elephants (for their ivory tusks), bears (for their gallbladders), white rhinos (for their horns), and American bison (for their hides).
Sport hunting has surpassed hunting for food in many parts of the world, although many animals that are hunted for sport are also consumed after they have been killed, such as moose, deer, elk, and bison.

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