Skateboarding Facts

Skateboarding Facts
Skateboarding is an activity that involves using a skateboard to ride for sport, recreation, transportation, or competition. The first skateboards appeared in the 1940s, as wooden boards or boxes that had roller skate wheel mounted on the bottom. In France children were known to ride on these early 'crate scooters' in the 1940s. In the United States skateboarding began when surfers were looking for an activity or sport to enjoy when the waves were unsuitable for surfing. It is not known who made the first skateboard, early skateboards looked like surf boards on wheels. Skateboarding has grown to become its own culture with competitions and highly paid professionals found around the world.
Interesting Skateboarding Facts:
Skateboards are made with seven layers of maple plywood.
The early wheels on skateboards were made of clay or metal. Polyurethane wheels were not invented until the early 1970s.
Skateboarding is considered to be one of the world's top 10 sports today.
Skateboarding was original referred to as 'sidewalk skating'.
The first skateboards, created in California, had handles to make them easier to handle.
Despite its popularity there are less than 500 skateboard parks in the United States. To raise money for these parks, professional skateboarders took part in golfing tournaments.
The first professional female skateboarder was Patti McGee. Women have been involved in the sport since it was first created.
The most famous skateboard trick is the "ollie', created by Alan Ollie Gelfand in 1978.
There are many important safety devices that skateboarders use. The wrist is one of the body parts most susceptible to injury, making wrist guards important for protection.
Skateboarding was banned in Norway between 1978 and 1989 due to the number of injuries to skateboarders.
Prior to the invention of skateboarding ramps, skateboarders would practice in empty swimming pools and in drainage ditches.
It is estimated that over 800,000 skateboarders visit the doctor in the United States each year because of skateboarding injuries.
Skateboarding is a popular method for students at post-secondary institutions to travel around campus.
One of the world's most famous skateboarders is Tony Hawk. He owns Birdhouse - a skateboarding company.
More than 18 million people in the United States own a skateboard. Roughly 74% are males and 85% are under the age of 18.
In 1997 the United States military began to use skateboards in training for indoor maneuvers.
Skateboarding has many benefits for participants, including increasing concentration, improving hand-eye coordination.
Skateboarding improves the skateboarder's metabolism, improves their balance, provides creative freedom, and increases their fitness level.
Skateboarding will be included in the 2020 Olympic Games, which are set to be held in Tokyo.
Skateboarding has been the subject of many films including Thrashin', Lords of Dogtown, and Gleaming the Cube.
The bottom of the skateboard deck is the most popular place for skateboarders to personalize. They do not wear jerseys or uniforms usually and use the bottom of the deck to express their personality with graphics and logos or sayings.
Some skateboarders choose to go barefoot, which was common in the beginnings of the sport.

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