Taekwondo Facts

Taekwondo Facts
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that was developed by Korean masters of Okinawan karate, taekkyeon and other Korean traditions in the 1940s. This martial art combines self-defense and combat techniques with exercise and sport. Sport taekwondo is divided into two main styles with differences in techniques, but taekwondo in general emphasizes throwing punches and kicks from a mobile stance. Taekwondo was introduced worldwide in the 1960s when the original masters of taekwondo were dispersed into various countries around the world. There are only two Asian martial arts in the Olympics since 2000 with taekwondo being one and judo being the other.
Interesting Taekwondo Facts:
Taekwondo is South Korea's national sport.
The literal translation of taekwondo is 'way of the hand and foot'.
South Korea uses taekwondo as part of their military training program.
Taekwondo is a martial art made up of kicks, punches, blocks and open-handed strikes. The sport techniques also include joint locks, throws, sweeps or a variety of take-downs.
Taekwondo masters must be skilled in concentration, be physically fit, and have an understanding of combat philosophy and self-defense.
Ranks in taekwondo include junior, senior, or student, teacher.
Taekwondo is used for more than sport; it is also a form of exercise and weaponless self-defense.
Taekwondo has been featured in many movies with famous actors such as Tony Jaa, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris.
In the taekwondo belt system the colors include white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black.
The World Taekwondo Federation administers the Olympic competition for taekwondo. It is their rules that are used for competition.
Despite the fact that the potential for serious injury from taekwondo competition is high based on the nature of the sport, most injuries that occur are only minor.
The most common taekwondo injuries are leg strains and pulls and bruises.
The Korean term for commence is 'sijack'.
The Korean term for relax is 'sho'.
The Korean term for knifehand is 'sonkal'.
The Korean term for training hall is 'do-jang'.
The Korean term for twin forearm block is 'sang palmok makgi'.
A taekwondo student becomes a Master at the 7th degree and they become a Grandmaster at the 9th degree.
The founder of taekwondo is General Choi-Hong Hi, a 9th degree Master.
The Tenants of Taekwondo are characteristics that taekwondo students must learn and they are also expected to incorporate the tenants into their daily lives.
As many as 70 million people practice taekwondo today and 4 million of the taekwondo students are black belts.
Taekwondo is practiced in 188 countries around the world today.
The 'Dobok' is the taekwondo uniform.
When practicing taekwondo the commands are given in the Korean language.
Taekwondo students under the age of 16 are not permitted by the International Taekwondo Federation to participate in destruction testing. The reason is that hard impact may damage the bones in their wrists, hands, feet and ankles due to the fact that they are not fully formed yet.
The minimum rank to become a Master is a 6th degree black but in order to become a Master the candidate must be invited.

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