iPhone Facts

iPhone Facts
The iPhone is a smartphone that was first released by Apple Inc. in 2007. The first model introduced was the 1st generation iPhone, which ran Apple's iOS mobile operating system. As of 2016 Apple Inc. had introduced ten generations of new and improved models of iPhones. The development of the iPhone began in 2004 in a project initiated by Apple Inc. involving a 1000 member team of Apple employees. The top secret project was named "Project Purple". Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was responsible for shifting the focus from tablets to phones. Over 30 months, Apple and AT&T Mobility (then Cingular Wireless) worked collaboratively on developing the iPhone at a cost $150 million. When it was released in 2007, the media dubbed it the "Jesus phone".
Interesting iPhone Facts:
The iPhone was responsible for propelling Apple Inc. into a financial success well beyond what the company had already accomplished with the Mac.
The iPad was the initial motivation for the iPhone. While the iPad was being developed, Steve Jobs determined that it was better to focus on a phone, with the multi-touch functionality they were developing for the tablet. As a result, the iPad was released later than the iPhone.
Apply originally approached Verizon to partner in the creation and release of the iPhone, but Verizon turned Apple down. Cingular (now AT&T) agreed to Apple's terms and signed the deal, which included allowing the iPhone to display only Apple's logo and not the carrier's logo.
By 2015 Apple had sold more than 700 million iPhones.
iPhone accounts for approximately 70% of the revenue of Apple, which is estimated to have a bank account of $200 billion.
Any iPhone ad has their advertisements show a time of 9:41, which is the time when the big reveal of the iPhone products occurs. The company times the big reveal for 40 minutes into the presentation, and in order for the ad during the launch to appear in real time it shows the estimated time. It used to display the time 9:42.
Samsung is the company that makes the iPhone processor, despite several lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.
The retina display on the iPhone is the phone's most expensive feature. The next most expensive feature are Qualcomm wireless chips.
The Apple team responsible for the iPhone was surprised that the prototype worked as well as it did at the initial product demo. Five months after the demo the iPhone was released in stores, following months of tweaking its features.
It has been determined that users of iPhones are more loyal in their phone purchases than Android users.
The iPhone trademark was originally owned by Cisco, but Apple used it anyway. The companies came to an agreement after the iPhone was unveiled.
The original design for the iPhone display called for plastic, but it was changed to glass after Steve Jobs realized his keys scratched the plastic.
In 2007, the iPhone was named Invention of the Year by Time Magazine, because it was deemed to be so revolutionary.

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