Virtual Reality Facts

Virtual Reality Facts
Virtual reality, also referred to as VR is a technology that uses a headset to generate images and sounds and other cues that help to make the user believe they are in an imaginary environment. A person using a virtual reality headset is able to move their head and see the artificial world as if it was real. Virtual reality worlds can be created to seem real or science fiction. The term virtual reality was first used in a book published in 1938, and then in 1982 in a science fiction book. Virtual reality began in the 1960s when a head mounted display was created but it took many years before the consumer market began to be truly interested in it. It wasn't until the 2010s that a virtual reality device truly peaked consumer interest.
Interesting Virtual Reality Facts:
Virtual reality has captured to the interest of Baby Boomers, Generation Z and Millennials.
Most of the major brands worldwide are investing in some way in virtual reality.
Virtual reality is meant to enhance real life, not replace it.
Travel companies are using virtual reality to allow customers to visit places and determine if they wish to visit in real life.
Although virtual reality can be used for gaming, it is also becoming popular for other purposes such as allowing a person to feel as if they are in a virtual reality documentary.
Virtual reality is being used in health care. It allows medical students to practice dangerous procedures and gain experience without actually operating on a human. It can also help surgeons determine the best point of entry for surgeries.
Scientists with NASA can use virtual reality to enable robot arms in space to perform gestures that are being done on earth with an operator.
Militaries are now using virtual reality to train soldiers in ways that will help better prepare them when they are actually deployed in combat.
Oculus VR is a company that launched a Kickstarter project to release virtual reality goggles in the 2010s. Their goggles brought a lot of interest to virtual reality after many years of not a lot of interest by industry or consumers.
With the use of Oculus, people are able to travel via virtual reality without actually having to pack, fly, and spend the money on a real trip.
Virtual reality can be used to simulate a number of experiences and enhance them.
Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014.
There are more than 230 companies working on virtual reality products.
Facebook is estimated to have more than 400 employees working on developing VR. Other companies known to have VR in development include Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google.
Movies and sports and other events will be viewable in VR as technology continues to advance.
Virtual reality has been added to some theme park roller coasters since 2015.
There are five individuals that have contributed greatly to the title virtual reality including Morton Heilig, Myron Krueger, Ivan Sutherland, Douglas Engelbart, and Jaron Lanier.

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