Pocahontas Facts

Pocahontas Facts
Pocahontas, a Native American who became famous for helping English colonists new to America, was born in 1595 in Virginia. Pocahontas was the daughter of the Powhatan Indian chief, but her mother's identity is not certain. As a child Pocahontas played with some of the colonist's children, despite the growing tension between the Natives and the colonists. In 1608 the colony's leader Captain John Smith was captured by the Powhatan Indians. Pocahontas saved his life by pleading with her Native leaders. This act also saved the Jamestown colony. In 1613 Pocahontas was kidnapped by the English but the governor of Jamestown had her baptized and given the English name Rebecca. She eventually married an Englishman named John Rolfe. The marriage helped promote peace between the Natives and the colonists.
Interesting Pocahontas Facts:
Pocahontas was born in Werowocomoco in Eastern Virginia.
It is believed that Pocahontas' father had as many as 100 children. It is believed that Pocahontas was one of his favorites.
As a child Pocahontas would help the colonists in Jamestown by bringing them food and supplies.
Pocahontas has many names throughout her life. She was known as Matoaka when she was very young, and later she was known as Amonute.
Captain John Smith credited Pocahontas with saving his life by interfering at the moment they were going to execute him. He was returned to Jamestown safely and wrote about his experience in his Generall Historie.
Some believe that Captain John Smith made up the story about Pocahontas saving his life. Others believe he may have misunderstood what was going on in the longhouse and thought he was about to be executed when he wasn't.
Pocahontas often brought food to the colonists when they were starving, saving many lives.
It is believed that Pocahontas may have married a Native warrior named Kocoum prior to 1612.
In 1613 Pocahontas was kidnapped by the English. This changed her life.
Pocahontas was taught about Christianity by a minister named Alexander Whitaker while she was being held captive by the English for a year.
Pocahontas was given the Christian name Rebecca. In the Bible there was a woman named Rebecca of the Book of Genesis. She had two sons and was the mother of two nations. Some believe this name was symbolic for Pocahontas because of her involvement with both the Natives and the English.
While being held captive by the English Pocahontas met John Rolfe, whom she later married.
Pocahontas married John Rolfe on April 15th, 1614.
Pocahontas gave birth to a son named Thomas Rolfe on January 30th, 1615.
Pocahontas visited England and met the King and Queen in 1616. She was presented as a princess despite the fact that she was not a princess according to Powhatan culture.
When Pocahontas and her husband boarded a ship to return to Virginia she became ill. The ship turned back.
In 1617 Pocahontas died of small pox while still in England. She was only 21 or 22 when she died.
Many movies have been made about Pocahontas. She is a popular Native American often included in history books.

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