California Facts

California Facts
The State of California is the most populated state in the U.S. with approximately 37.7 million people. It is the third largest state in America with 158,706 square miles. Originally California was inhabited by Native American tribes until several European expeditions in the 1500 and 1600s led to its claim by the Spanish Empire. Following the Mexican-American War it was ceded to the United States. California joined the Union in 1850, becoming the 31st state to become part of the United States. California is home to many parks and tourist attractions, as well as Hollywood California - the home to celebrities and the world-famous film industry.
Interesting California Facts:
It is believed that the word California is derived from the story of Calafia, a book written in 1510 titled The Adventures of Esplandian, a sequel to a book written by a Spanish writer titled Amadis de Guala. In the book, Queen Calafia ruled a fictional paradise rich in gold.
California's capital city is Sacramento.
California's largest city is Los Angeles, with a population of approximately 9.8 million.
The Greater Los Angeles area is the largest metro in California.
California shares state borders with Arizona, Oregon and Nevada.
California has 18 national forests and 278 state parks and beaches.
There are a total of 53 counties in California.
San Bernardino County in California is not only the largest county in the state, but also the country. It is three million acres in size.
In 1848, gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill, which led to the California Gold Rush.
Kennedy Mine, located in Jackson, California, was one of the richest gold mines in the world in the late 1850s.
More immigrants choose to make California their home than any other state in the U.S.
The main industries in California include manufacturing, agriculture, aero-space defense, biotechnology and its natural resources including timber, natural gas, petroleum, and cement.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous actor married to a relative of the late John F. Kennedy, also became the governor of California in 2003.
Red Bluff California is home to the largest three-day rodeo on the U.S. each year.
Groveland California is home to the oldest bar in the state, built in 1852.
Los Angeles' first movie theater opened in 1902.
The largest living tree believed to exist is in Sequoia National Park in California. It has a trunk with a 102 foot circumference.
California experiences approximately half a million seismic tremors (earthquakes) each year.
California's state flower is the poppy.
The California grizzly bear is California's state animal.
California is rich in cultural diversity. Its population includes those with white, Asian, African-American, Native American, Hispanic, and multi-racial heritage.
Almost 30% of California's residents speak Spanish, which is the second most spoken language following English.
California uses a large amount of energy, but because of its strong environmental movement, it has some of the highest renewable energy goals in the country.
California is the only state in the U.S. to have been host to both the summer and winter Olympics.
The U.S. named a giant sequoia tree in Kings Canyon National Park the nations Christmas tree in 1925.

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