Delaware Facts

Delaware Facts
The State of Delaware is located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, fronting on the Atlantic Ocean. It shares state borders with Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Delaware is the second smallest state with only 2,490 square miles. It is the sixth least populated state but also the sixth most densely populated state in the U.S. Prior to European colonization, Delaware was inhabited by various American Indian tribes. The Dutch were the first to colonize the area, and was also one of the 13 colonies to take part in the American Revolution. As the first state to ratify the United States constitution in 1787, it is considered to be the first U.S. state.
Interesting Delaware Facts:
There are approximately 500 Nanticoke Indian descendants living in Delaware today. Each year they celebrate their heritage with the Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow.
The first permanent colony in Delaware, established in 1638 was called New Sweden.
Delaware is the second smallest state. The smallest state is Rhode Island.
Delaware's capital city is Dover.
Delaware's largest city is Wilmington.
One of Delaware's towns, Delmar, is also located partly in Maryland.
Delaware is named after the Delaware River. Delmar is divided by the Mason-Dixon Line.
The Delaware River is named for Thomas West, the 3rd Baron De La Warr. He was the Virginia governor.
Delaware has the lowest mean elevation of any U.S. state.
Delaware has no National Park System.
Delaware's state bird is the blue hen chicken.
The state bug is the lady bug.
Delaware's state song is 'Our Delaware'.
Delaware's state flower is the peach blossom.
The state tree is the American holly. This tree species can grow to 60 feet in height with a 20 inch trunk diameter.
Delaware's state beverage is milk.
Delaware's nicknames are Small Wonder, First State and the Diamond State.
Delaware has only three counties including New Castle, Kent County and Sussex.
Delaware's state motto is Liberty and Independence.
The state fish is the weakfish.
Delaware's agriculture includes poultry, soybeans, corn, dairy and nursery stock.
Delaware has three ferries including the Cape May-Lewis, the Woodland Ferry and the Delaware City-Salem Ferry.
Greenville is Delaware's wealthiest city when ranked by income.
A frying pan was built in 1950 to use at the Delmarva Chicken Festival. It holds 180 gallons of oil and is ten feet in diameter. It can hold 180 chicken quarters.
Delaware's residents are called Delawareans.
Per capita, Delaware has the largest number of doctoral-level scientists and engineers.
One of the oldest churches in the United States that is still in use is Old Swedes. It was built in 1698.
The University Gallery at the University of Delaware has one of the world's largest collections of amber, including amber jewelry, carvings and other pieces.
The first beauty contest in the U.S. was held in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in 1880.
Five states have no sales tax. Delaware is one of them. Alaska, Oregon, New Hampshire and Montana are the rest.
The log cabin, which became popular with pioneers in America, originated in Finland. Its design plans were brought to Delaware in the mid-17th century.

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