New Mexico Facts

New Mexico Facts
The State of New Mexico is located in the western and southwest United States. It shares state borders with Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona. It shares an international border with the country Mexico. New Mexico is the 5th largest U.S. state with 121,589 square miles. It is the 36th most populated state with approximately 2,085,538 residents and is the 45th most densely populated state. Prior to European settlement, the region was inhabited by various Native American tribes. The 1500s brought explorers from Spain, and there were several military struggles for control until the U.S. bought part of the region in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. In the 1800s the remaining area of New Mexico was established and in 1912 New Mexico became the 47th U.S. state after admission to the Union.
Interesting New Mexico Facts:
The name New Mexico is derived from the Spanish term Nuevo Mexico. It was named by Spanish explorers in the 1500s, and was not named after the country of Mexico.
New Mexico's state nickname is the 'Land of Enchantment'.
The state motto for New Mexico is 'Crescit eundo' which means 'It grows as it goes'.
New Mexico's state song is 'O, Fair New Mexico'.
Residents of New Mexico are referred to as New Mexicans.
New Mexico's capital city is Santa Fe and its largest city is Albuquerque.
A flag competition was held in 1920 to replace the old flag. Dr. Harry Mera won the competition and his design was chosen as the official state flag.
New Mexico's state bird is the roadrunner and the state insect is the tarantula hawk wasp.
New Mexico's state mammal is the black bear and the state fish is the New Mexico cutthroat trout.
The state flower for New Mexico is the yucca and the state tree is the pinon.
New Mexico's state vegetables are both the chili and frijoles.
Major industry in New Mexico includes mining for uranium, zinc, lead, gold, silver, potash and copper, tourism, natural gas and oil; chemicals, lumber, transportation equipment, and food products.
New Mexico's major agriculture includes dairy, cattle, hay, pecans, onions, corn, peanuts, beans, chilies and lettuce.
Major rivers in New Mexico include the Pecos River and the Rio Grande.
Major lakes in New Mexico include the Navajo Reservoir, Conchas Lake and the Elephant Butte Reservoir.
The world's largest hot air balloon fiesta in the world is held in Albuquerque, New Mexico each October.
The Rio Grande River runs the entire length of the state.
In 1945, the world's first atomic bomb detonation took place near Alamogordo, New Mexico.
New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona are the four corner states. The states all meet at one corner point, making it possible for a person to stand in all four states at the same time.
Following a forest fire in Lincoln National Forest in 1950, a little bear was found trapped in a tree. This bear cub became Smokey the Bear.
One out of every three families in New Mexico speaks Spanish in their homes.
Ten-thousand-year-old arrowheads have been found on the same ground where the military tests missiles today.

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