New York Facts

New York Facts
New York State is the third most populated of the 50 United States with approximately 19.6 million people. It is also the 7th most densely populated. It shares state borders with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts. New York also shares an international border with Ontario and Quebec in Canada. When the Dutch began settling in New York in the early 1600s it was inhabited by Algonquin and Iroquoian Native Americans. Home to approximately one-third of the battles that took place during the Revolutionary War, it became a member of the Union in 1788. New York State encompasses an area of 47,214 square miles and contains 62 counties.
Interesting New York Facts:
Beginning in the early 1800s, New York City has been the largest port of entry into the United States by immigrants.
Between 1892 and 1954, more than 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island.
New York State's capital is Albany.
Its largest city is New York City. New York City is the most populated city on the United States. More than 8.2 million people live there.
More than one-third of New York City's population was not born in the United States.
New York State has 27 National Natural Landmarks and 262 National Historic Landmarks.
New York State has 176 state parks and 22 national parks for its inhabitants and tourists to visit.
New York is home to the first American railroad. It ran for 11 miles between Schenectady and Albany.
New York City was the first American capital.
The first pizzeria in America was opened in New York City in 1895.
Apples were introduced to New York by Europeans who brought apple seeds in the 17th century.
Toilet paper was invented by a New York City resident in 1857.
The first state to require license plates on cars was New York.
The longest toll road in the U.S. is the Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway in New York. It is 641 miles.
Woodstock, a historically and culturally significant arts and music fair in the 1960s, was held in Bethel, New York, not Woodstock.
The first President of the United States, George Washington, was inaugurated in New York in 1789.
The subway system in New York is the largest in the world. It has 842 miles of track and 468 stations. It runs 24 hours a day.
Musicians can't just play in the subway system. They have to audition before being given permission.
The largest marathon in the world takes place in New York. It is called the New York City Marathon and has more than 35,000 participants.
The Big Apple, which is the nickname for New York City, was invented by musicians. It means to 'play the big time'.
Long Island, New York is home to the oldest cattle ranch in the United States. It was started in 1747.
New York was home to the 1932 and the 1980 Winter Olympics which were held at Lake Placid.
The first chess tournament held in the US was held in 1843 in New York.
New York was named in honor of the Duke of York.

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