Puerto Rico Facts

Puerto Rico Facts
Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern Caribbean, west of the United States Virgin Islands and east of the Dominican Republic. Its full official name is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated United States territory. The official languages in Puerto Rico are Spanish and English. Prior to European colonization, Puerto Rico had been inhabited for centuries by aboriginal people known as Taino. On Christopher Columbus' second voyage he claimed the island for Spain, The Taino people were forced into slavery and many died from brutality and infectious disease brought by the colonists. Spain held the island for more than 400 years but ceded the island to the United States when it was defeated in the Spanish-American War. In 1917, Puerto Ricans were granted American citizenship.
Interesting Puerto Rico Facts:
The capital city and largest city of Puerto Rico is San Juan, with approximately 2,478,905 residents.
Puerto Rico covers 8,959 square km of land and 145 square km of water in its boundaries.
There are 501km of coastline on the island of Puerto Rico, much of which is sandy beaches.
The population of Puerto Rico in 2011 was 3,998,905.
Agriculture in Puerto Rico includes sugarcane, coffee, pineapples, plantains, bananas, and livestock such as chickens.
Industry in Puerto Rico includes tourism, food products, apparel, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.
Puerto Rico's constitution was ratified on March 3rd, 1952, approved by the US Congress on July 3rd, 1952, and became effective on July 25th, 1952.
Governors have been elected by vote in Puerto Rico since 1948. They are elected for four-year terms and there are no limits to the number of terms.
The climate in Puerto Rico is a tropical marine climate, being mild with little variation in temperature from season to season.
The natural hazards that occur in Puerto Rico include hurricanes and droughts.
Residents of Puerto Rico are referred to as Puerto Ricans.
The literacy rate in Puerto Rico (those who can read and write at age 15 and older) is 94.1%.
Although Puerto Rican resident are citizens of the United States they do not vote in United States Presidential elections.
Puerto Ricans are also subject to military service and most of the federal laws in the United States.
In 1950, Puerto Rican extremists who wanted Puerto Rico to be an independent nation attempted to assassinate President Truman.
The Puerto Rican flag is red, white and blue. There are five horizontal red and white alternating stripes (three red and two white). A blue triangle (isosceles triangle) on the left pointing to the right, with a white, 5-point star in its center.
Approximately 90% of Puerto Rican residents speak Spanish, and although most can speak English, only 10% can speak it fluently.
Puerto Rico has won the Miss Universe contest five times.
The world's largest telescope is located in Puerto Rico. It is 305 meters in diameter.
On the island of Puerto Rico there are 16 bird species, 39 types of reptiles and 239 plant varieties that are found only in Puerto Rico.

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