Washington Facts

Washington Facts
The State of Washington is located in the Pacific-Northwest United States. It shares state borders with Idaho and Oregon, and it also shares an international border with the province of British Columbia in Canada. Washington is the 18th largest U.S. state with 71,362 square miles. It is the 13th most populated U.S. state with approximately 6,971,406 residents and it is ranked as the 25th most densely populated U.S. state. Many Native American tribes inhabited the region prior to European exploration in the late 1700s. Lewis and Clark visited the region in 1805, following exploration by the British, Spanish, and Russians. Washington became the 42nd U.S. state in 1889 when it joined the Union.
Interesting Washington Facts:
Washington State is named for George Washington, the first American President.
Washington's state nickname is 'The Evergreen State'.
The state motto for Washington is 'Alki' which means 'By and By'.
Washington's state song is 'Washington, My Home'.
Washington residents are referred to as Washingtonians.
Washington's capital city is Olympia and its largest city is Seattle.
Washington's state flag was adopted in 1923, and features George Washington's image in the center.
Washington's state bird is the willow goldfinch and the state insect is the green darner dragonfly.
Washington's state fish is the steelhead trout and the state fossil is the Columbian mammoth.
Washington's state flower is the coast rhododendron and the state tree is the western hemlock.
The state fruit for Washington is the apple and the state vegetable is the Walla Walla sweet onion.
Washington's state ship is the 'President Washington', one of the largest container ships ever built in America. It is 860 feet in length.
Major rivers in Washington include the Yakima River, Snake River and the Columbia River.
Major lakes in Washington include Lake Washington, and Lake Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Washington borders the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound.
Major agriculture includes fruit, berries, wheat, cattle, nuts, lentils, peas, hops, apricots, asparagus, grapes and both peppermint and spearmint oil.
Major industry includes tourism, lumber, hydro-electric power, software, aircraft and missiles, chemicals and machinery.
More apples are grown in Washington State than in any other U.S. state.
The world's largest building, Boeing's assembly plant, is located in Everett, Washington.
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the world's wealthiest men, lives in Medina, Washington.
Microsoft is located in Redmond, Washington.
Washington is also home to Whitepages.com, Classmates.com and Amazon.com.
Zillah, Washington is home to the oldest operating gas station.
Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington.
Mount St. Helens is located in Washington. In 1980 it erupted and blew apart a major portion of the top of the volcano.
Washington State does not charge personal income tax.
Four out of five of the longest floating bridges in the world are located in Washington.
The games Cranium, Pickle-ball and Pictionary were invented in Washington.
Spokane, Washington hosted the World's Fair in 1974. It was the smallest city to host the World's Fair.
Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington.
Bing Crosby was born in Tacoma, Washington.

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