Pyramids Facts

Pyramids Facts
A pyramid is a geometric structure with an outer triangular shape that comes to a single point at its top. A pyramid must have at least three outer triangle surfaces plus the base, but the most common version is the four-sided pyramid plus base, such as in the case with the famous ancient Egyptian Pyramids. Pyramids were the largest man-made structures on earth for most of history, dating back to the 27th century BC. when the first known pyramid was built to bury Pharaoh Djoser in Egypt. Ancient pyramids were also built in China, Mesopotamia, Sudan, Greece, Nigeria, Rome, Spain, Samoa, Mesoamerica, North America, India, Indonesia, and Peru. Pyramids are still being built today for a variety of purposes.
Interesting Pyramids Facts:
The most famous pyramids in the world are those in Egypt. The Egyptians began to build pyramids in 2700 BC, and continued to build them until 1700 BC.
Egypt's largest ancient pyramids are those at Giza.
There have been 135 pyramids found in Egypt, and the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest building in the world until 1311 AD when the Lincoln Cathedral was built.
The base of the Great Pyramid of Giza is more than 566,000 square feet. It was built with approximately 2.3 million stone blocks. If you could weight this pyramid it would weigh roughly 5.9 million tons.
Despite ancient pyramids being associated with Egypt in most cases, more pyramids have been discovered in Sudan.
Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one still existing today.
Most of the pyramids in Egypt were built on the Nile's west bank.
Inside ancient pyramids were passages leading to chambers and burial rooms.
When a pharaoh or other important figure was buried in a tomb within a pyramid they were often buried with much of their fortune of gold and other valuable items.
Most of the bodies that were buried in the pyramids were mummified. They were so well preserved that when these chamber began to be discovered in the last few hundred years the bodies were found to be very much intact.
Howard Carter uncovered Tutankhamun in his tomb in 1922, along with a solid gold mask used in his funeral.
Originally pyramids were built to serve as tombs for kings and queens and other nobility or royalty and their families.
The mortar that as used to build ancient Egyptian pyramids has been analyzed but scientists can't figure out what it was made of. It was stronger than the stone.
We do not have the technology to build an exact replica of the Great Pyramid Of Giza. It would be impossible to reproduce today.
An example of a modern pyramid is the world famous Louvre Pyramid in Paris, which is part of the Louvre Museum.
A pyramid was built in Las Vegas called the Luxor Hotel. It is 30 stories high.
Pyramids today are built as hotels, shopping centers, places of worship, museums, greenhouses, arenas, and for a variety of business purposes.

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