Baby Boomers Facts

Baby Boomers Facts
The Baby Boomers are the generational cohort who were born roughly between the end of World War II in 1945 until the 1965 or 1966. They are called the Baby Boom because after World War II, when the veterans returned home from Europe and the Pacific, and the economy had stabilized after the Great Depression, young people were buying homes and starting families. There were more children born during this period since the end of World War I and haven't been born since. The Baby Boomers are the largest generation of living Americans, with more than seventy-one million. The Baby Boomers are often seen as a generation of dichotomies: they comprised the bulk of the counter-culture movement in the 1960s and 1970s, but they were also heavily involved in the 1980s "decade of decadence." The Baby Boomers were some of the first Americans to identify themselves as a generation, setting the trend of giving importance to generational cohorts. In recent years, the children and grandchildren of Baby Boomers have occasionally mocked and reviled them, blaming them for current economic and social problems and creating anti-Baby Boomer memes such as "Okay Boomer" and referring to the coronavirus as the "Boomer Remover."
Interesting Baby Boomers Facts:
The generation before the Baby Boomers is known as the "Silent Generation" and the generation after them is "Generation X."
The last four American presidents have been Baby Boomers.
Most other Western countries also have what they term as a Baby Boomer generation, with the end of World War II consistently being the same starting point, but the end point having some variation.
Baby Boomers grew up during the middle of the Cold War, when television was becoming affordable in the 1950s, and when the suburbs were growing across America.
Political scientists have noted that early Boomers tend to vote Democrat while the later ones are more Republican.
Although now aging, and passing away daily in considerable numbers, the Boomers continue to be among the most important American voter blocs because their numbers are still significant and they vote more than Generation X or the Millennial Generation.
Most of the Boomers' parents were in the "Greatest Generation," although later Boomers' parents were often from the "Silent Generation."
The Baby Boomers are also known as the "Me Generation" over their perceived selfishness and propensity toward consumerism.
Most male Baby Boomers avoided war, with their fathers having fought in World War II and the Korean War. Early Boomers, though, did fight in the Vietnam War, along with later members of the Silent Generation.
In 2019, the Millennials surpassed the Baby Boomers in total living numbers in the United States.
The generations after the Boomers had consistently enjoyed lower standards of life.

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