One thing that every human being has in common is that they went through a process in their lives called puberty. Puberty is basically the period of human development during which physical growth and sexual maturation occurs in adolescents. The age when this occurs is different for everyone, but usually begins earlier for females than males. Before any changes occur physically, the brain begins to do the work which will change a person from a child to an adult. However, simply going through puberty does not necessarily cause a person to start thinking and being as responsible as a typical adult.

In the brain there are two parts called the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. They begin making a lot more of hormones including different growth hormones. The hormones then act upon other parts of a young person's body to prompt the changes in puberty to begin. Boys and girls have the hormones, but the act on different parts of the body.

The hormones are chemicals made by glands in the body to act on the different parts. An example is a hormone that acts on the bones. This hormone works by making the leg, foot, and arm bones grow longer. The different hormones travel through the bloodstream around your body doing different jobs.

For boys, there are hormones that work on their testes, to help make sperm, and adrenal glands (located next to the kidneys) to make androgens (sex hormones) such as testosterone.

For girls, the hormones work on their ovaries (where the stored eggs they had since birth are located), and also on their adrenal glands, where female sex hormones are made, estrogen and progesterone. Boys and girls have both male and female sex hormones; however, boys have more androgens and girls have more estrogens. The different levels are what makes the differences in a boy and girl's body.

However, a person is not fully sexually mature until two or three years after reaching full adult height, but girls can have a baby, and boys can father a child even when they are not fully physically mature.

All of this hormonal activity is the basis of puberty and for girls it can take place anywhere between the ages of 8 and 13, though it can be earlier or later. The first change usually takes place around 10 or 11. For boys it is a bit later, usually between ages 10 and 15, with the first changes usually occurring around aa or 12. Everyone is different and the changes may take place earlier for some and later for others. This is normal.

Changes that take place for both boys and girls can include getting taller with bigger feet, change in body shape, mood changes, hair growing on arms, legs, under arms, and in the pubic area, sweating more, oilier skin along with pimples, and having sexual feelings. There are several other changes and everyone's experience can and usually is a little different.

The average age for a girl to finish growing is about seventeen, and for a boy it is about nineteen, but it can also end earlier or later. No two people are exactly the same.

In summary, puberty is the period of human development during which physical growth and sexual maturation occurs in adolescents. Since each person is different, the age at which puberty begins and ends may be different as well, which is completely normal. There are also many physical and emotional changes which take place, but it is a normal process of life which every adult of every age on Earth has experienced at one time in their life as well.

A: 8-9
B: 9-10
C: 11-12
D: Different for everyone

A: Adrenalin
B: Testosterone and Androgens
C: Estrogen
D: Progesterone

A: Boys have only androgens, and girls have only estrogen and progesterone.
B: Boys can have testosterone and androgen but not progesterone.
C: Girls can have androgens but boys cannot have estrogen
D: Both boys and girls have male and female sex hormones.

A: Estrogen
B: Androgen
C: Progesterone
D: None of the above

A: Hair appearing in places
B: Intelligence change
C: Sexual feelings
D: Sweating

A: Boys-17, girls-17
B: Boys-17, girls-19
C: Boys-19, girls-17
D: Boys-19, girls-19

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