Community Helpers

A community is a group of people who live and work together. People who help each other and provide service to them are called community helpers. They can be seen almost everywhere a person travels in a town or city. Whether you live in a small town, on a farm, or in a big city there are many community helpers.

Community helpers are people who work to help the community and the people who live in a community. There are many kinds of community helpers. There are community helpers who keep you safe and healthy, keep neighborhoods clean, volunteer their time, and make sure everything works and gets built in the community.

The people who keep a community safe include firefighters, paramedics, and police officers. A police officer keeps people in the community safe from those who might try to hurt others. A police officer must be brave, polite, and well-trained. Firefighters also keep people safe. They help people who are in an accident or who have a fire at their house. A paramedic cares for people and take them to a hospital when they are hurt or sick.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, and their assistants help members of a community remain healthy. When you visit the dentist or the doctor, they will encourage you to eat the right foods, brush your teeth, and do many other things to remain healthy. There may be a nurse at the school helping you or others with medicines, just like a pharmacist, who makes sure people receive the correct medicines. And if you have a pet, a veterinarian helps keep your pet healthy.

Every house and business in a community has trash that is picked up by sanitation workers, which helps keep neighborhoods clean. There are also maintenance workers who fix things and pave the streets, connect electricity to homes, and install water or gas lines. Mail carriers and others deliver letters or packages, bus drivers and taxi drivers take people places, and farmers grow crops for everyone.

Two community helpers increase the knowledge of the people. A librarian is a community helper who takes care of and provides books and other materials to those in the community who need them. A librarian must be smart and care about books. A teacher helps others learn many different things in a school. A teacher must know a lot about different subjects and how to tell this information to others.

There are several other workers in a community too. A grocery clerk works in a supermarket putting food items on a shelf or acting as a cashier when someone is ready to buy groceries. The grocery store clerk must be good at math and able to reach high shelves. A construction worker in a community builds new offices, stores and houses. A construction worker must be strong, know how to use many different tools and how to read the plans for what is being built. A baker spends time making all kinds of bread and pastries to supply the needs of the community. A baker must be clean, hard-working and able to read recipes for all the food which is made. A pilot helps others by flying planes to places members of the community want to go. A pilot must be very smart, know math and know how to operate an airplane well.

Anyone who recycles, does not litter, helps a neighbor, or does volunteer work are also community helpers.

A: Doctor
B: Firefighter
C: Baker
D: Nurse

A: Baker
B: Sanitation worker
C: Farmer
D: Pilot

A: Grocery clerk
B: Baker
C: Zookeeper
D: Librarian

A: Police Officer
B: Pilot
C: Firefighter
D: Librarian

A: Construction worker
B: Librarian
C: Grocery clerk
D: Nurse

A: Farmer
B: Police officer
C: Sanitation worker
D: Nurse

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