A Doll's House Quotes

Act 1
Nora: "It's the first Christmas we don't have to scrimp."

Nora: "You know I wouldn't do anything to displease you."

Nora: "None of you think I'm good for anything really serious."

Mrs. Linde: "A wife can't borrow money without her husband's consent."

Nora: "It was almost like being a man."

Krogstad: "For their sake I must get back as much of my good name as I can."

Helmer: "Can't you imagine how a guilty person like that has to lie and fake and dissemble wherever he goes--putting on a mask before everybody he's close to, even his own wife and children."

Act 2
Nora: "Poor Rank, his spine is rotting away. Tuberculosis, I think."

Helmer: "Then we'll share the burden, Nora--like husband and wife, the way it ought to be."

Dr. Rank: "Chances are that within a month I'll be rotting up in the cemetery."

Nora: "there are people you love, and then there are other people you'd almost rather be with."

Act 3
Mrs. Linde: "Only today did I find out it's your job I'm taking over in the bank."

Mrs. Linde: "This miserable secret must come out in the open; those two must come to a full understanding."

Helmer: "Am I not to look at my most precious possession?"

Helmer: "You have inherited every one of your father's loose principles."

Helmer: "But do you think I love you any less because you don't know how to act on your own?"

Nora: "I have been your doll wife here, just the way I used to be Daddy's doll child."

Nora: "When that had happened, I was absolutely certain that you would stand up and take the blame and say, 'I'm the guilty one.'"

Nora: "I don't love you any more."

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