A Separate Peace Quotes

Finny - "What I like best about this tree...it's such a cinch." (Chapter 1)

"I'm good for you that way. You have a tendency to back away from things otherwise." (Chapter 1)

"I'm going to wear this, as an emblem." (Chapter 2)

"We'll jump together to cement our friendship." (Chapter 2)

"Roommates are roommates. Even if they do have an occasional fight." (Ch. 6)

"If I can't play sports, you're going to play them for me." (Chapter 6)

"There isn't any war." (Chapter 8)

"He's developing into a real athlete. We're aiming for the '44 Olympics." (Ch. 8)

"You want to break something else in me! Is that why you're here!" (Chapter 12)

"It wasn't anything you really felt against me, it wasn't some kind of hate you've felt all along. It wasn't anything personal." (Chapter 12)

Gene - "You're too good to be true." (Chapter 3)

"Somebody's got to be the head of the class." (Chapter 4)

Finny had deliberately set out to wreck my studies. (Chapter 4)

Holding firmly to the trunk, I took a step toward him, and then my knees bent and I jounced the limb. (Chapter 4)

He was never going to accuse me. It was only a feeling he had. (Chapter 5)

"I was thinking about you and the accident because I caused it." (Chapter 5)

"The next time you call anybody maimed, you better make sure they are first." (Chapter 6)

The war then passed away from me, and dreams of enlistment and escape and a clean start lost their meaning for me. (Chapter 8)

"Only Phineas never was afraid, only Phineas never hated anyone." (Ch. 13)

Dr. Stanpole - "Sports are finished. As a friend you ought to help him face that and accept it." (Chapter 5)

"An operating room is a place where the risks are just more formal than in other places. An operating room and a war." (Chapter 12)

Leper - "I was what they call 'nervous in the service.'" (Chapter 10)

"The one holding on to the trunk sank for a second, up and down like a piston, and then the other one sank and fell." (Chapter 11)

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