A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 11 Summary

Scene 11 irresistibly reminds us of the beginning of the novel, when sisters were getting ready to go out, while men gathered in the kitchen for the party of poker. Only this time, several weeks after the unpleasant event in the apartment, Stella is crying as she packs Blanche's dresses, while Blanche is taking a bath. Eunice is there too, as if trying to comfort Stella.

Meanwhile, atmosphere in the kitchen depicts a whole new world, deprived of sadness and regret. It describes Stanley's boastful and arrogant behavior at the table with his friends. His carelessness not only for Blanche, but also for his shaken wife is too obvious in this scene.

Eunice's dialogue with Stella give us more information about what's really going on in the apartment. She asks Stella how is Blanche doing, and Stella replies that she has told her about the arrangement in the country, but Blanche somehow got it mixed with Shep. Now Blanche believes that she is preparing for life with her suitor instead of going to an asylum.

Blanche appears from the bathroom to give instruction to Stella about the dress she is about to wear. It's obvious that she has no clue where she's actually about to go. Eunice and Stella continue their conversation and Stella reveals that Blanche has actually told her what had happened between her and Stanley. She couldn't buy into her story and continue her normal life with Stanley. She had to go so that Stella can have her normal life back. Eunice is full of understanding for the situation.

Blanche has finished bathing and enters bedroom. Unaware that the kitchen is full men, she suddenly becomes hysterical, especially after hearing Mitch's voice. All the perpetrators who harmed her have gathered in the room right next to her. At the same time, Mitch is alarmed with the sound of Blanche's voice. However, passions subside on both sides. Stella and Eunice manage to change the course of the conversation away from Mitch and Stanley. This clams down Blanche and she begins daydreaming about the sea. She invents the story about her dying on the sea from eating an unwashed grape while everyone mourn over her death.

A doctor and nurse appear from around the corner. As they ring the doorbell, Blanche is convinced it's Shep. She manages to pass by the men in the kitchen without much distress on her side. All of them stand awkwardly except for Mitch who sits still in the chair. As she approaches the door, she realizes that the man on the door is not whom she's expecting to see. She turns away from him and heads towards the room, but Stanley gets in the way. It's clear that things won't go as smoothly as everyone hoped. Stanley and the nurse are determined to take Blanche forcefully out of the house. Instead, their aggressive approach traumatizes her. Stella is devastated and escapes to the balcony. Eunice follows her to comfort her. Back in the apartment, Mitch heads towards the room, but Stanley now stands in his way. Mitch hits him and Stanley hits back. Complete chaos rules in the apartment until the doctor takes off his hat. Suddenly, those unhuman characteristics disappear. His voice is calm and reassuring, which brings Blanche back to her senses a bit. He calls her and manages to get her out of the apartment at her own will. She takes his hand allowing him to lead her as if she were blind, saying that she had always depended on the kindness of strangers.

As they disappear from the scene, poker players become quiet. Everyone is there except for Stanley, who is now on the porch observing Stella. Stella screams Blanche's name. Eunice brings a baby boy to Stella, whom she takes while weeping uncontrollably. Stanley calls Stella, somewhat uncertain. Then he kneels beside her in order to comfort her and finds the opening of her blouse. The scene ends with Stella's weeping fading away under the music of the "blue piano."

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