Brave New World Chapter 9 Summary

After viewing the Indian ceremony, Lenina felt the need to relax and escape the feelings she experienced on the Reservation, so she took six half-gramme soma tablets. This would ensure her of at least 18 hours of soma holiday. This was just fine with Bernard. He found himself enduring a sleepless night making plans to bring John and Linda back to London. It took him till midnight to formulate his plan. Now all that was left was the implementation of his plan.

At ten o'clock the next morning he stepped aboard the helicopter. Bernard was concerned for Lenina's safety in the room by herself but, the pilot assured him that she was perfectly safe. Bernard felt that he could go to Santa Fe and accomplish his business and still be back before Lenina woke up. As it turned out he was right. At ten thirty-four he was in the World Controller's Office in Whitehall. At ten forty-seven he was on the phone with Mustapha Mond, the Controller. He presented his finding John and Linda as a matter of scientific interest. Luckily for him the Controller agreed. Bernard was told to bring them to London at once. The Controller had already made the necessary arrangements to have the permits ready for Bernard to pick up at the Warden of the Reservation's office.

Bernard had the pilot fly him to the Warden's office. The Warden was his normal effusive self, which of course Bernard disliked. He did not want any extra chit chat. He only wanted to get his permits and be on his way.

Once he left the Warden's office Bernard treated himself to some pampering and lunch at the hotel in Santa Fe. He was back on board the helicopter and flying back to Malais by two-thirty that afternoon.

John meanwhile had gone to the rest-house to see Bernard. When he does not receive an answer to his shouts of Bernard's name, he tries to enter the rest-house. His attempts are foiled though because the door is locked. John begins to panic at this point because he thinks that Bernard and Lenina have left without them. Linda had asked him to go and make sure that they were still there and now he will have to tell her that they have been left behind. He sits on the steps of the rest-house and cries. He sits for a half an hour before he decides to look through the windows of the rest-house to see if there are any signs of Bernard and Lenina. He spots Lenina's suitcase. He knows it is her suitcase because it has the initials L.C. on it. Impulsively he picks up a rock and uses it to smash through a window. He climbs through the window into the rest-house. The first thing he does is open Lenina's suitcase. He is thrilled to inhale the scent of her perfume as it wafts into the air. He then begins to go through her suitcase. He takes out her velveteen shorts and learns how to use the zippers on it. He plays with the zippers for a while before moving on to her zippicamiknicks. These embarrass him so he quickly replaces them into the suitcase. He finds her handkerchief which has perfume on it. He kisses the handkerchief and takes her scarf, wearing it around his neck. He finds a box of perfumed powder which he spills as he tries to open it. He takes the powder and rubs it on himself. He loves the smell and feel of the powder. While in the midst of all this discovery he hears a sound. Frightened he quickly puts everything back into the suitcase. Then he cautiously moves toward the door looking for whatever could have made the noise. He sees another door ajar across the hall from where he is standing. He goes into the room and finds Lenina asleep. He is fascinated by her sleeping form and begins to recite lines from Romeo and Juliet. He reaches out as if to touch her but is too scared to try to touch her.

He hears a humming sound coming closer. At first he thinks it is an insect then he realizes that it is the helicopter. He is frightened that he will be found in the house; so he climbs quickly through the broken window and runs down the path to greet Bernard.

In chapter nine Bernard works hard to ensure he has the proper permits to bring John and Linda back to London. Meanwhile Linda is not sure if Bernard is going to keep his promise to bring her and John back to London. She sends John to the rest-house to make sure they were not being left behind. John thinks no one is home and he breaks in to the rest-house. Huxley shows us how far Bernard is willing to go to ensure the safety of his job. He also shows us the new world awaiting John and Linda through John's discoveries in Lenina's suitcase.

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