March: Book One Important Characters

John Lewis - protagonist who has become a congressman and is attending Barack Obama's inauguration but flashes back to his childhood to show how he came to join the Civil Rights Movement

Otis Carter - John's uncle, his mother's brother, who takes him on a road trip to New York

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - preacher and Civil Rights activist who said he would support John if he wanted to sue a white college for not accepting him as a student and who led the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa Parks - refused to give up her seat on a bus, which led to the boycott, later attends the Obama inauguration

Fred Gray - lawyer who represented Rosa Parks then offered to represent John in suing Troy State

Jim Lawson - representative for the Fellowship of Reconciliation who trained students in the ways of nonviolence

Bernard Lafayette - a close friend of John's

Z. Alexander Looby - a lawyer who represented the students during the sit, later had a stick of dynamite thrown into his house

Ben West - progressive Nashville mayor who released the students from jail and allowed African Americans to finally be served at the lunch counter

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