March: Book Two Important Characters

John Lewis - protagonist who flashes back from 2009 to the 1960's when he helped protest and march in the Civil Rights movement to bring equal treatment for African Americans, attended Fisk University and was a member and later chairman of SNCC

Barack Obama - incoming President in 2009

John F. Kennedy - acting President in the early 1960's

Robert Kennedy - John's brother, Attorney General in the early 1960's

Eugene "Bull" Connor - Birmingham's Chief of Police, racist

Diane Nash and Jim Farmer - members of SNCC

Dr. Walter Bergman - Freedom Rider who suffered permanent injuries due to the beatings he received

Floyd Mann - Alabama's Public Safety Director

Fred Jones - superintendent of Parchman Farms

George Corley Wallace, Jr. - Governor of Alabama who applauded segregation

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - preacher who spoke out on behalf of equal rights, gave the "I Have a Dream" speech

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