Persepolis 2nd Part Summary

The next part of the book begins with a section called "The Party." The celebration occurred after they finally got the shah to step down. He had tried to bring in democracy, but it didn't work. When he left, the country rejoiced. They heard that the shah and his wife would move to Egypt because Jimmy Carter refused to let him in America. At school Marji was told to tear out pictures of the shah from her textbooks. They heard that a student in their class's father had killed people as one of the secret police of the shah. Marji suggested they go after this student with nails between their fingers like brass knuckles. Luckily, Marji's mother found her and explained that it wasn't Ramin's fault that his father was a murderer. When Marji told Ramin she forgave him, he defended his father, saying those people deserved to die because they were Communists. Marji knew she had to be a strong person to forgive others.

In "The Heroes" the three thousand political prisoners were released from prison, including two men that Marji's family knew. They invited Siamak and Mohsen over for dinner. Marji remembered when she met Siamak's daughter Laly when they were younger. When she heard her mother say that her father was on a trip, Marji had told Laly that meant her father was dead. After the prisoners were let go, Marji realized her mistake, but she also knew that she had been right that Laly's father wasn't really on a trip. Siamak and Mohsen knew each other from prison and told stories about being tortured. They recalled one man, Ahmadi, who was whipped and burned with an iron before he was finally cut to pieces. Marji decided to use her new knowledge of torture to create a game with her friends. Instead of feeling evil, she felt guilty. She didn't understand what justice was or how it would occur. Only God could comfort her.

"Moscow" focuses on Marji's Uncle Anoosh who was the only one of her father's brothers that she had never met. He had left his family when he was young to support his Uncle Fereydoon in the fight for democracy. He knew it was risky, and one day the Shah's soldiers came and took Fereydoon. Anoosh fled and ran back home to his parents, but he knew he wasn't safe there. He swam across the Aras River to the U.S.S.R. In prison, Fereydoon's girlfriend visited him and became pregnant with his child then left for Switzerland before Fereydoon was killed. Anoosh went to school in Moscow and received his doctorate in Marxism-Leninism. He later got married and had two girls, but his wife divorced him. He wanted to go home, so he disguised himself, but he was arrested and put in prison for nine years. Marji greatly enjoys hearing the stories of her family and promises to never forget. Anoosh gives her a swan made from bread that he created in prison.

In "The Sheep" people that Marji knows become afraid and start moving to the United States. Many of her friends and family members leave, and her parents discuss it, but her dad doesn't want them to go and waste their educations. He thinks the others will return someday. Marji's father gets a phone call one that Mohsen was murdered in his bathtub. Siamak and his family fled hidden among a flock of sheep, so they executed Siamak's sister instead. Marji's Uncle Anoosh is arrested, and he requests Marji come see him as his one visitor. He gives her another bread swan and hugs her goodbye. Later she reads of his execution in the newspaper. Marji tells God to leave her alone. The section ends with Marji fleeing to her basement because they're being bombed.

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