The Black Cat Important Characters

Narrator = married man who initially has a fondness for his cat, Pluto, but turns on him due to his problem with alcohol wherein he plucks out the cat's eye then later hangs him from a tree; when a second cat enters his life, it causes him to kill his wife, hide her body in the cellar behind the wall and ultimately get caught by the police

Narrator's wife = a supportive woman who enjoys pets, she goes into the cellar with her husband then tries to stop him from hitting the cat with an axe for causing him to fall, then her husband kills her with the axe instead and stands her body in a false chimney, which he walls in to hide the evidence of his crime

Pluto = the man's first cat, all black, whom he initially loves but then takes away his eye and hangs him from a tree outside his house, his image is burned into the wall in his bedroom when the house burns down

Second cat = he finds at a bar, has a white marking on its chest, which comes to resemble the gallows, causes him to fall in the cellar and is protected by the man's wife when he comes at it with an axe; is later found sitting on the head of his dead wife within the wall

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